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Marketing can appear to be a commodity to the Average Joe Business Person. But, what if I told you that you are rolling the dice every time you hire a promotion company? Are you are looking for a web design firm that offers bang for your buck solutions? At 123 MARKETING, we don’t sugar coat promises or results. My name is Nikolas and I handle every file personally. Why don’t you give me a call and see what solutions we have for your business?


Internet Marketing Services

Website Design

Designing a website is not a cakewalk. We understand this and try to provide you with a solution that would make your website captivating.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short, is improving the chances that your website will show up in Google when your target customer is looking for the goods or services that you sell.

Seo Keyword Research

Some industries are like sheep where every company is fighting for the same key words. Why not hire us to help you pick the path of least resistance and highest return instead?

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing generally focuses on creating content for the website that attracts readers and thus, customers. It encourages the readers to share the same in their social contacts.

E-Commerce Website Design

As our life style these days is quite hectic we look for easy options to shop. This is the major reason that e-commerce is becoming a trend that is influencing our lives.

Local Seo

Local Seo is a key component to a good internet marketing strategy. Why not hire us to help your business listings stick out like a sore thumb when your marketis searching?

Seo Themed Content

At 123 Marketing we offer formulated content that is both engaging and maximizes your keyword value to search engines.

Content Marketing

Keeping your audience engaged is challenging to do day after day. Hire 123 Marketing to help and you will never have to worry about it again.

Website Re-Design

Does your website need a facelift? Hire the team at 123 Marketing to upgrade the look and feel of your website today.

WordPress Seo

WordPress is here to stay. Find out what tweaks 123 Marketing can make to your existing website to improve page speed, mobile compatibility and user experience.

Sales copywriting

Take advantage of our professional marketing strategies, web design and search engine optimization services for small-medium businesses today and dominate your competitors, increase your customers and sales and skyrocket your profit… 100% guaranteed!

Mobile Marketing

Does your website cater to users who are typically viewing on their mobile phones? If this is the case, there are strategies to improve conversions. Ask 123 Marketing how we can help.


This website is currently in development. In the first phase, we will create an informative site with access to online booking. In phase two, we will integrate an online store and full e-commerce solution. Client is currently working on finding a product line and we are working together to build a supply chain management solution with drop shipping, offsite storage and “no touch” order fulfillment.


This website is currently on the first page of Google for 66% of all keywords in its geo targeted area. We anticipate market domination in the next year. This is all dependent on competitor marketing budgets and the skill level of their seo company, but we are optimistic.


This website has very good Google Business positioning. As with all of our customers, we recommend requesting reviews regularly from happy customers. We feel this is one of the best bang for your buck Local Seo solutions out there.


This website has very good Google Business positioning. As with all of our customers, we recommend requesting reviews regularly from happy customers. We feel this is one of the best bang for your buck Local Seo solutions out there.


This site has an active Facebook account with reasonable engagement from customers. This is an area for improvement in the near future for this waxing company.


We have integrated iFrames within an online scheduling solution for salons. We have also integrated email capture with “opt in” and lead generation. This site is planned to transform into an e-commerce solution in the very near future. We are going to integrate Woo Commerce into a Word Press installation and several of our favorite plug-ins to deliver value to this customer.

I want to give a big thanks to Nick and the rest of the guys at 123 Marketing. This was my first website building experience and they made it so easy. I never felt like I had a dumb question and they always explained things to me. I would highly recommend 123 Marketing for your next website in the Edmonton, AB area.

Shayla Earnshaw


The challenge for this website project was to make custom pricing information readily available for the user. This is tricky because there are so many options, restrictions and “what ifs” for the company to consider when posting pricing online. With over 100 potential bins for rent, we had to get creative to so the user didn’t have to search through 100 items to find the one that they wanted. The company also wanted to display pricing for common “add ons” to certain items to more accurately predict a customer’s pricing on demand in real time.


This website has been the industry leader for many years. The organic SEO behind this web design is technical, researched and ready to explode. We anticipate a monster increase in users to the website after Google re-indexes the site with the new pages, content and architecture.


This website has decent local SEO considering part of the local search engine optimization assets over the years were not verified and were lost. So although, this company pioneered the Google Business listing in its geographical industry, its placement is a bit lower than it could have been if they hired us sooner. We are working with the business owner to get more reviews from happy clients and to build asking for these reviews into their business model to improve this category.


We pulled out all the stops for this customer with custom content marketing solutions. Our team used research in the industry as well as research within the geo targeted area involving keywords and competitor analysis. This industry is very competitive and copywriting needs to be compelling as well as search engine friendly to maximize results for our customer.


This client has never used social media to market their business. The demographics of the target market in play here are often baby boomers who might have a cell phone but won’t be looking on social media for their purchases. Of course a younger generation of tech savvy homeowners is emerging, but that generation is actually quite good at researching their purchases through search engine searches. So again, the social media component isn’t going to deliver a bang for your buck.


This site has an extensive architecture behind it. We had to fix an existing page name structure that didn’t conform with current search engine algorithms recommendations for standard practices. We also had to completely redo the spider web of links on this site to maximize domain authority potential. The site is currently under development again as we decided to phase the web site launch into two parts to give our coding and design teams a little more time to work out the finishing touches.