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Our website design service produces beautiful results in brief period of time. Whether you need a low-cost site for a start-up or a professional site for your practice, we have an seo optimized web design option for you.

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We build online stores for anything. Some of our success stories involve cannabis dispensaries, cannabis seeds, jewelry, home services and the adult toy industry. We have a team of creatives waiting to bring your store to your customers.

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Our approach to SEO is simple. Create a website with a good user experience and free from technical issues and then create great content to build links with. Try our SEO Service today from $150 per month.

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Does your business need a facelift? Is your branding fragmented and dated and not producing results? We offer professional branding services from a team of creatives with industry experience.

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Cannabis Marketing Service

Cannabis Marketing Service

The cannabis market is growing fast. After its legalization for medicinal purposes, every day more people add to the consumption. According to Statistics Canada, there are currently more than 2 million Canadians who report as “regular users.”

Also, StatsCan states that there are at least 2.4 million citizens who intend to consume cannabis after the legislation passes. This gives the industry impressive growth potential.

However, when it comes to marketing campaigns for cannabis, things get complicated. The lack of clarity in the rules, make that none of the great publicists of the digital world such as Facebook or Google Ads allow the promotion of this item.

To be successful in growing your business, you must develop other types of strategies, which allow you to grow effectively. It is essential to know certain premises that must be respected when preparing a marketing plan for cannabis.

  1. Comply with Regulation

First of all, you should always bear in mind that the ACMPR (Stated by Health Canada) regulates the production and sale of the product in the country. Always stay informed about any changes or new rules that the institute can dictate and comply with them.

  1. Avoid Cliches

One of the factors that negatively influence the growth of your business is that typical image of the marijuana user in the public minds. If you are driving your dispensary, you must get away from the "lazy young, hippie who does not work, consumer." The public that consumes cannabis is very diverse and includes professionals, housewives, and even elderly persons. Your campaigns must raise the level, targeting those people.

  1. Educate with Authority

Consuming marijuana freely and under the protection of the law is something new for the public. Even the government is unaware of many aspects of the safe use of cannabis. So it is up to you as the owner of a cannabis brand to inform people about the subject.

Your campaigns must be full of knowledge, breaking myths and teaching potential buyers the significant benefits that the plant and its products have. If you want to develop an appropriate message campaign through the best cannabis marketing service in Canada, the 420 experts in Marketing 123 are ready to assist you.

  1. For Adults Only

In the case of the physical exposure of the brand, you must ensure that your product will never be close to any other SKU that is attractive to children or young people. As for marketing, the campaigns you do should never even imply anything related to children or adolescents.

  1. Keep it Medicinal

Until the laws change, your advertising messages should avoid any reference to the playful or recreational features of the cannabis. Keep the focus on medicinal properties, relief of symptoms and improvements in patients.

Let 123 Marketing assist you

Our company has vast experience in the successful promotion of businesses in the cannabis industry. We will offer you a tailor-made solution that will allow you to boost your dispensary and increase your sales significantly. We are the best cannabis marketing service in Canada, and we have for you the best strategies to take your business to the next level. Feel free to communicate with us; our experts are ready to assist you.

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Cannabis Marketing Service Cannabis Marketing Service Cannabis Marketing Service Cannabis Marketing Service


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