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Website Design


Our website design service produces beautiful results in brief period of time. Whether you need a low-cost site for a start-up or a professional site for your practice, we have an seo optimized web design option for you.

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We build online stores for anything. Some of our success stories involve cannabis dispensaries, cannabis seeds, jewelry, home services and the adult toy industry. We have a team of creatives waiting to bring your store to your customers.

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Search Engine Optimization


Our approach to SEO is simple. Create a website with a good user experience and free from technical issues and then create great content to build links with. Try our SEO Service today from $150 per month.

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Brand Creation


Does your business need a facelift? Is your branding fragmented and dated and not producing results? We offer professional branding services from a team of creatives with industry experience.

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Dispensary Marketing Service

Dispensary Marketing Service

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about organically positioning your company's Web content at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) to gain more visibility.  However, SEO is more complicated than it may seem, and it requires an entirely different strategy for marijuana retailers.

Understanding what profitable keywords are, how to find them, and how to use them is only a small fraction of what SEO is all about, and SEO is just a tiny fraction of what Internet marketing is all about.  Our marijuana dispensary marketing service synchronizes SEO with other powerful online marketing mediums to sky-rocket your dispensary to the top of search engine results.

Many clients think a great keyword is all they need to boost their content to the top, and they're sure to be disappointed.  The two most important things for marijuana dispensary marketing are a great Web design and great optimized content.  Our dispensary marketing service is provided by dispensary marketing pros who know the ins and outs of marijuana retail and online marketing.  

Often overlooked by dispensary marketers is the need for building inbound/outbound links, structuring your Web content in ways the search engines prefer, and creating great optimized content on a regular basis.  This is only a small part of what it takes to get the search engines to index your content.  123 Marketing understands all the different elements of online marketing and how to utilize them to maximize results for our clients. 

Highly Qualified, Highly Competent, and Highly Successful

Remember, online marketing is competition at its core. Mostly, you're competing with other marijuana dispensary's for higher placement in the SERPs.  Good dispensary marketing service convinces the search engine algorithms that your Web content is the best content for any given search term/keyword.  For example, if your dispensary is selling Alien OG,  you would want your content to appear first when people search for "Alien OG" or any variant.  It's important to rank your content high on the first page of search results because 75% of users never look past the first page.

123 Marketing's marijuana dispensary marketing service is ideal because our pros are not only trained in dispensary marketing, but our prices are lower and our services are more effective than other forms of online marketing are.  123 Marketing automates the entire online marketing process for you and allows you to focus on operating your business.  Our services can help build your brand and make your products stand out. We guarantee our results, and we stand on our work and reputation.

Partner with 123 Marketing, the Number One Dispensary Marketing Service in Canada

Google's algorithms (and other search engines as well) are much more sophisticated than they were even just a few years ago.  Google has had to adapt to many unscrupulous SEM tactics, such as keyword stuffing and other dishonest practices.  Today, Google wants to see optimized media, interactive features, actionable items, and next steps for users.  123 Marketing is up-to-date with all the current SEO practices and will happily employ them for your marijuana business.  Contact us today for a free consultation.  There's no obligation to buy anything, and our reps are not pushy.  We'll get to know you a bit and share our professional insights with you.  You will not regret partnering with the best marijuana dispensary marketing service provider in Canada.

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Dispensary Marketing Service Dispensary Marketing Service Dispensary Marketing Service Dispensary Marketing Service


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