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Search Engine Optimization Company Edmonton

Search Engine Optimization Company Edmonton
Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short, is improving the chances that your website will show up in Google when your target customer is looking for the goods or services that you sell. 123 Marketing is a search engine optimization company servicing the greater Edmonton area with comprehensive SEO and web design solutions that help to grow businesses.
Many clients want to know what SEO will do for their business. 
- If you work out what benefit you receive per paying customer, so for example if your average sale is $1000 and you make 40% profit on that sale then for every paying customer you bring in you make approximately $400.
- If you can bring in 10 customers per month from a $599 search engine optimization package, you are bringing in $4000 towards the bottom line for a measly cost of $599.
- So for every dollar on search engine optimization, you are bringing in $16.69 in revenue and $6.67 in net profit. That’s a good ratio. 123 Marketing challenges you to find other marketing that has that strong of a return for such a low monthly investment.
No other search engine optimization company in the Edmonton area can do more for the growth of your business than 123 Marketing can.
Clients also are interested to learn how long the effects of SEO will last.
- SEO that 123 Marketing provides is done through white hat methods that continue to last even if you cancel your subscription. But, keep in mind, if your competitors are spending money on SEO then you will likely see a decrease in rankings, because your competition is improving and you are remaining the same. Google also like to see a website that is constantly updating and changing. Which newspaper would you rather read…Yesterdays? Or Today’s?
- 123 Marketing recommends that you find a budget that makes sense for your business over the long run. 123 Marketing can track the progress that you are making and evaluate if the process is benefiting you to maximize your return on investment for your marketing budget.
- What 123 Marketing offers you is simple solutions that aim to be the best bang-for-your-buck in the marketplace.
If you’re thinking about investing in the growth of your business, through a greater web presence, hire the best search engine optimization company in Edmonton. 123 Marketing is ready to work for you. 
Edmonton clients want to know if results are guaranteed.
123 Marketing is not in the business of guaranteeing results. There is no cookie cutter recipe for success in this business. Instead, they use quantitative analysis to track and measure changes in rankings and conversions. Every month, they give you a report that shows you what your SEO spending is doing for you. What 123 Marketing can tell you, is that on average our customers find that spending money on SEO is their best bang-for-the-buck way to spend their marketing budget.
If you’d like to learn more about the most trusted search engine optimization company in Edmonton, call 1-855-343-5666 and ask to speak with a specialist.
Search Engine Optimization Company Edmonton
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Search Engine Optimization Company Edmonton Search Engine Optimization Company Edmonton Search Engine Optimization Company Edmonton Search Engine Optimization Company Edmonton

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