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Website Design


Our website design service produces beautiful results in brief period of time. Whether you need a low-cost site for a start-up or a professional site for your practice, we have an seo optimized web design option for you.

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We build online stores for anything. Some of our success stories involve cannabis dispensaries, cannabis seeds, jewelry, home services and the adult toy industry. We have a team of creatives waiting to bring your store to your customers.

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Search Engine Optimization


Our approach to SEO is simple. Create a website with a good user experience and free from technical issues and then create great content to build links with. Try our SEO Service today from $150 per month.

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Brand Creation


Does your business need a facelift? Is your branding fragmented and dated and not producing results? We offer professional branding services from a team of creatives with industry experience.

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Web Design Services

Web Design Services

The first impression you give your customers about your business matters a lot. The first point of contact for anyone who intends to know more about your business is your website. Hence, making sure that your website is high quality, fully responsive, and user-friendly is non-negotiable. This is why it is essential that your web design or development project is handled by a professional company that offers web design services

At 123 Marketing, we provide outstanding website design services. We have what it takes to help design and develop a user-friendly and fully responsive website. Over the years, we have improved a lot of individuals and businesses on Vancouver Island, BC create websites that can showcase the true identity of their brand or business. Our exceptional web design services are precisely what you need to increase awareness about your company.

Reliable Provider of Outstanding Web Design Services

Let a reputable company like 123 Marketing handle all the processes involved in your web design project. We are your go-to provider of outstanding web design services. We can design visually appealing, high-quality website that will include every aspect of your business.

At 123 Marketing, we work with a team of professional, creative, and skilled web design experts. Every member of our team has gone through intensive training on how to provide excellent website design services. We will ensure that all your requirements and specification are followed to the latter. This way, we can create a website that will give your business the needed advantage over your competitors.

Also, our web design experts make use of the latest software and website design suites, coupled with innovative and sophisticated techniques. With this, we will create a website that will give your business a lasting first impression. When it comes to producing top quality, fully responsive websites, count on our web design professionals at 123 Marketing to get it done superbly.

We Create User-Friendly Websites with Well-Structured Contents

At 123 Marketing, we are well aware of the things customers and visitors seek for on every website. To ensure that your website is unique and attractive, our web design experts will make it user-friendly and fully responsive. Only high-quality images and product photography will be used. All contents of the website will be well-structured, for an easy read.

Furthermore, a responsive theme development will be used while creating the website. This ensures that users can visit your website and engage with the contents using any of their Internet-enabled devices - laptop, tablet, desktop, or mobile phone. Navigating through the website will be made to be relatively easy. Our web design services at 123 Marketing remain the ideal web design solution for your business.

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Will you like to create a high-quality web for your business? Give us a call today at 123 Marketing. Our customer representative will be available to discuss with you and provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. A fantastic experience awaits you.

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Web Design Services Web Design Services Web Design Services Web Design Services


We are an internet marketing company that builds solutions. We want to be the experts that help guide you through the web marketing options in today's digital marketplace. Our strategy is to combine your industry knowledge and pictures to create an online story that sells your product, service or brick and local business. Give us a call today at 1-855-343-5666 to find out the 123 MARKETING difference.



Our web design process allows you to participate as little or as much as you like. We tailor the participation to your preferences so that if you want to be involved, its an option but if you prefer to let the professionals handle your website design and seo, we are up to the task.



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Google and other search engines are trying really hard to reward deserving websites with good rankings. Every algorithm that they tweak gets them a little closer to this ultimate goal. So, it only makes sense that websites with great video content that is continually updated and filled with relevant, interesting and good quality writing are going to get a boost in rankings. Google is a complicated creature, but if you put yourself in their shoes, and look at what qualities you might want from the best e-commerce website or the hottest "influencer" blogging website, its probably not too far off from what Google wants. For example, you might want a fast website so that its painless to use. Its well known that page speed is a metric used in seo.


Or, that you want a website with good user experience. There are countless ways that Google measures this and its a factor in search engine rankings too. What Google and other Search Engines want is to be the most relevant. They want to design algorithms that consistently filter out the best and most qualified websites to match the user search. This protects them add revenue from sponsored links.

Search engines don't want black hat seo tricks because it devalues their core business of being an unbiased [ at least semi unbiased] connection between industry and its customers as well as information and its searchers. Every-time you go to Google.ca and type in a search, you are patting Google on the back and saying here is my vote that you are the best use of my time and the most relevant place for me to find something. So, Google really is doing everything it can to get you back to its platform to search. Google is trying to please the user. There is also the economics of the businesses that monetize the net and provide the incentive for search engines to develop and maintain this vast research and development infrastructure. But it all leads back to the user.


Marketing can appear to be a commodity to the Average Joe Business Person. But, what if I told you that you are rolling the dice every time you hire a promotion company? Are you are looking for a web design firm that offers bang for your buck solutions? At 123 MARKETING, we don't sugar coat promises or results. My name is Nikolas and I handle every file personally. Why don't you give me a call and see what solutions we have for your business?



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