Our Proprietary SEO Plugin is exclusively for WordPress websites. We won't go into the technical details of how it works, but it does more for less than any other platform on the market. Free with every seo package.

One of Our Secret Weapons that go to battle for your search engine rankings and help you outrank your competitors.

Google Analytics uses a special tracking code that is put onto your website. This allows for tracking demographics on your website visitors like city and type of device. Advanced Analytics are sometimes available if set up correctly and the website platform integrates well.

Google Analytics is a tool that measures website traffic statistics. Let our professional team set this up for you.

Google Search Console has several functions that control how the search engine views your domain. For example, would you like it when people type in for it to be treated the same as when they type in and ?? We help you create a property set to ensure that your searchers are able to find you and you are getting full credit for your SEO efforts.

Google Search Console can be complicated to get right, leave it up to our team to handle this for you and let you focus on what you do best.

At 123 Marketing, we believe that you should deal with the same person when you call. There is nothing we find more frustrating then having to explain everything each time that you call to inquire about services. We will set you up with one person who knows your account and will handle all of your inquires. You will have their cell phone number for emergencies.

Every client has a dedicated Account Manager that designs your website strategy.

Every month like clockwork, you will receive an email with a report on your keyword rankings. If there were any significant changes, your account manager will offer some ideas for improvements.

Every Month you can expect a report with your keyword rankings and an update from your account manager.

Keyword Research is the equivalent to measuring twice and cutting once in carpentry. Did you know that most young search engine markets are simply copying eachother for search terms? At 123 Marketing, we innnovate through research and help you get the biggest bang for your marketing buck. When we know the size of the market and the keywords that count, we can calculate the path of least resistance with the biggest upside to provide you a return on investment.

Choosing the search terms behind your website strategy.

Did you know that many websites on the internet have very minor issues that are easily fixed but that impact their rankings significantly? If your hosting provider constantly goes down, if your robots.txt files arent properly used and if your website isnt mobile friendly. Our website audits are done through enterprise level software with a human management.

Analyis of your exisiting website for common mistakes and errors that limit your websites performance and your bottom line.

It would be foolish not to recognize that Google is the leader in online searching. They have a business listing for anyone with a phyiscal address that can be verified by mail. At 123 Marketing, we can help you with the set up of this handy tool.

Google Business is a local listing with your business address.

Like Google, the Bing Places listing is verifed by mail and 123 Marketing is here to help you get this valuable local seo asset.

Bing Business is a local listing with your business address.

In the beginning, we take your keyword research and run a report to see where your website ranks on your keywords. This report is included free with every package to form a baseline for your website rankings and seo success.

A report showing where you stand at the beginning of the marketing to use as a baseline for improvements.



Every so often WordPress will address vulnerabilities in its platform and provide an update. We back your site up first in case the update has compatibility issues and then update and verify that the site is working. We know that you don't want to be involved in this, so we handle everything for you with out asking us to.


If you are looking to update your CMS website with text changes, its no problem we can help you when you get new products or services. We won't change the design of your site in this service, but we can change text or pictures when you provide this.


Want your Google Business listing ( Maps Listing ) to be shown when your customers are searching online? No problem, we can help you get shown on more screens across your service area. This service is usually a huge return on investment for our customers.

$25 - 500
Word Article on Topic of Your Choice

Content is the easiest way to stay on top of the ranks. We sell these articles in packages of 2 for $50 and while they aren't the highest quality writing available as they are often written by people who speak multiple languages, they do the trick for basic filler content. If you want high quality content, please contact us for a quote. Writers in the Western World are quite expensive, so the price for quality work can be $100 per 500 word article or more if the topic is hard to research.