What is 123 Marketing?

123 Marketing is a new type of company. One proprietor managing many sub-contractors and freelancers.My name is Nikolas Carswell and I am the only employee at 123 Marketing. I seek out new talent across the globe to provide top notch value priced marketing services to British Columbia and Alberta.
We use a sub contract business model and hire freelancers in Asia and Europe. We have some people that we work with daily and others that we bring in as pinch hitters to help out our core team.
For Search Engine Optimization we simply markup projects for managing the process. This means that if you have a $300 monthly budget, that we might pay a sub-contractor $250 and keep $50 for managing the process for you. Given our ability to source cost effective talent, your overall costs are much lower than hiring locally. You also get the benefit of someone taking care of the process for you, so that you can spend more of your time in your business.

The 123 Marketing Difference

  • At 123 Marketing you can count on one thing. We will do exactly as we promise every time.
  • From web design to business cards to consulting and analysis, we strive to provide you upfront pricing and deliver exactly what we promise every time.
  • We are very good at finding value from our sub-contractors and we pass that value onto you. We mark up their services for managing the project and make sure things run smoothly for you.
  • Upfront pricing.
  • No hidden fees and no surprises. Oh and we are priced in the value category much lower than the local providers of such services.

Why Should I Choose 123 Marketing?

Marketing is one of those areas that has room for companies like 123 marketing because the alternatives are either terribly time consuming or horribly expensive. Sure, you can hire a traditional marketing company and give them thousands of dollars each month and deal with a different person for every service you require from them. You can help them pay for their fancy downtown offices and for shareholders salaries who no longer working in the business.Or you can cut the fat off of your marketing budget and use a service like 123 Marketing.

We source our sub-contractors overseas and pay them a fair wage, usually much higher than they can make in their native economies. We know what to ask for from them and have experience making sure things turn out smoothly. We also have enough business to offer subcontractors that they take us seriously because we provide them with regular projects to help feed their families and make their mortgage payments.

Anyone who wants to do what we do, can certainly try. But, I have to ask you one thing… why bother? Is this your area of specialty? Is this the best way to use your time?
For most people, the answer is no.
Should a plumber take up computer programming and web design to make a website for himself?
Specialization is an important feature of successful economies.
I certainly wouldn’t fix my own toilet, I would hire a plumber to come in and do it properly.