123Marketing provides comprehensive and professional internet marketing services in Edmonton. If you’re looking for the best content and social media marketing for your small or medium business, take a look at what 123Marketing provides. For proven services at affordable prices, visit or call 1-855-343-5666 to speak to an expert.


123 Marketing is a web design and search engine optimization services, online marketing support company based in Canada and serving the greater Edmonton area, specializing in providing first-class professional internet marketing strategies for small to medium-sized businesses in and around Edmonton that want to cut costs and increase efficiency. 123 Marketing ensures that the experience is fun and affordable, and that they bring their clients’ visions to life.

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Remember, every journey begins with one step. If you don’t take the first step, you’ll never reach your goal. Your business will benefit from 123 Marketing’s internet marketing solutions, as they help you grow your Edmonton business by establishing a web presence for your identity. The only questions left to ask is why anyone would not want to join the many clients who have been enjoying these services all along?


At 123 Marketing – Edmonton Web Design we offer state of the art technology combined with proven techniques to convert your ideas and branding into an online presence that turns website users into leads, calls and customers. If you are considering web designers for your small business project, then we encourage you to call 780-666-4222 and find out how we can help ensure your website design delivers a return on investment. Not all web design companies are created equal and we work to bring value well beyond the industry standards in Edmonton, AB. Call us today and let us deliver your vision.


With almost everybody searching for the products and services they want on the internet, getting a business website and using comprehensive internet marketing solutions will take your Edmonton business to a higher level. 123 Marketing has been doing web design and search engine optimization services for many years and is dedicated to helping their clients grow their businesses through professional internet marketing.

Do you have other websites that you like in the industry? This is super helpful, so that we can tailor and modify existing components that you LOVE and make them your own. Don’t worry, we don’t copy them, but let’s not re-invent the wheel if we don’t have to.


Marketing can appear to be a commodity to the Average Joe Business Person. But, what if I told you that you are rolling the dice every time you hire a promotion company? Are you are looking for a web design firm that offers bang for your buck solutions? At 123 MARKETING, we don’t sugar coat promises or results. My name is Nikolas and I handle every file personally. Why don’t you give me a call and see what solutions we have for your business?

Simple Solutions For Edmonton Small Business

We are not the cheapest website design company and we do not want to be. Our websites score well above industry standards on search engines and our conversion designs deliver a return on investment.

Local SEO to Target Your Community

Choose 123 MARKETING for SEO in West Edmonton

Local Seo Service to Find Customers Close To You!

There are plenty of benefits of adding targeted Local SEO to your internet marketing strategy and its a key component in search engine marketing. Why is it important? One benefit to LOCAL SEO is that is works in tandem to your website. So you have more potential mediums to find leads, phone calls, conversions and/or customers. The Google business Listing, Bing Business listing, Yahoo Local listing are assets you can have working 24 / 7/ 365 to find you customers.

Local SEO strategies typically start with the creation of a directory style listing of your company. It is then geo-targeted by IP address and search terms of your users. So if you type “Edmonton Web Design Company” into your browser, you would be shown local results with companies who have locations in Edmonton. If you type “web design company” into your browser, Google will consider the location you are searching from and try and pair you with companies in your local area.

Google My Business Is Part of Successful Marketing

At 123MARKETING we feel that Localized Seo is a necessary part of any successful internet marketing plan. We encourage our customers to create a Google Business Listing, Bing Business Listing and Yahoo Local listing. We also encourage you to seek reviews from happy customers. This will give you a leg up on your competitors who don’t bother. Search engines are taking reviews into consideration more and more when determining ranking results. As an internet marketing company with our finger on the pulse of what’s coming ahead in the world of search engine optimisation and local seo, we also suggest that you respond to any and all reviews in a timely manner. This completes the cycle of engagement, which we feel is only going to increase as a ranking factor in years to come and will result in your best bang for your buck for your efforts.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation Company for First Page Results on top SERP’s

Did you know that most of your customers don’t ever go to the second page of the Google when searching for top rated companies online? So, the question ends up being: Are you on the first page of Google for them to find you?

Our search engine optimisation company is very good at helping you get your website into the top of the organic search results. We target your organic positioning to compliment your strengths and we work on improving your weaknesses. We also take into account your competitors and come up with a plan for the biggest bang for your buck with least resistance. Another way to look at it, is we measure upside versus downside and come up with a search engine optimised ratio to target pages and content towards a certain range of search terms. With years of experience as a SERP company and digital marketing success in industries across the spectrum, we can mastermind your search engine marketing to deliver results month after month.

Web Designer Edmonton

We provide web design services for Greater Edmonton including: West Edmonton Mall, West Edmonton, North Edmonton, South Edmonton, East Edmonton, Downtown, Abbottsfield, Alberta Avenue, Argyl, Aspen Gardens, Athlone, Avonmore, Balwin, Bellevue, Belvedere, Bonnie Doon, Calder, Calgary Trail North, Calgary Trail South, Capilano, Crestwood, Cromdale, Delton, Delwood, Dovercourt, Duggan, Eastwood, Northlands, Elmwood Park, Empire Park, Forest Heights, Fulton Place, Glengarry, Glenora, Gold Bar, Grandview Heights, Greenfield, Grovenor, Highlands, Holyrood, Idylwylde, Edmonton, Kenilworth, Kensington, Killarney, King Edward Park, Lansdowne, Lauderdale, Laurier Heights, Lendrum Place, Malmo Plains, McQueen, Montrose, Newton, North Glenora, Ottewell, Parkdale, Parkview, Pleasantview, Prince Charles, Prince Rupert, Quesnell Heights, Rideau Park, Rosslyn, Edmonton, Royal Gardens, Rundle Heights, Sherbrooke, Spruce Avenue, Strathcona, Strathearn, Terrace Heights, University of Alberta Farm, Virginia Park, Wellington, Westbrook Estates, Westmount, Westwood and Woodcroft, Alberta.

Hiring The Right Seo Company in South Edmonton

Do you ever wonder how a services company gets a spot in the MAPS and ORGANIC section of the search results? Nearly all of our long-term clients enjoy two or more spots on the same page of the search results because we pay attention to details.

It all starts with brainstorming, tracking and comparing keywords to rank tracking software that incorporates monthly search volumes and competition analysis. We don’t believe in fighting with all of your competitors for keywords if you don’t have to. Often we find niche keywords that you can begin to rank easily and with those ranking keywords we build relevance in your market.

As your relevance increases, we can incorporate more content, citations and backlink strategies into the mix and gain market share. Depending on how our seo company structures the architecture of your website, we can get the subpages of your website to rank on the same keywords as your homepage. In the long-run, you could have two or three spots out of the top ten if we get lucky along the way.

Maps Seo For Top Results in North Edmonton

The maps section or local seo is a much trickier and hard to predict spot for search engine marketing companies. There are lots of hypothesis about how these rankings are determined, but ultimately it’s a guessing game at best. We have found, that websites with unique content on their Google Plus Listing that matches the theme of their website are more likely to be in the first three spots. We have also found a correlation between companies that get reviews for their Google Business listing and positive results. A trending ranking signal is an engagement, like when you respond to a Google Business review and thank the customer for sharing their experience. If Google is mandated with creating the most relevant search engine in the world, it makes sense that those who contribute to it regularly through reviews are likely going to see an increasing benefit in return.

Get Powered By 123 MARKETING Today

Next time you are considering a search engine optimisation services company why not call 780-666-4222 and get your website powered by 123 Marketing? Call us today 780-666-4222 if you need an affordable Edmonton web designs company or if you would like to be furnished with more information about our packages.

Affordable Edmonton Web Designs

At 123 Marketing, we offer affordable web designer Edmonton services to individuals, startups and small businesses in need of high performing websites. We have the necessary skills, knowledge and the experience needed to create great websites that will meet all your online marketing needs.

Whether you need to make sales, reach more people, increase the number of leads or simply have your products and services available to all on the internet, we are glad to let you know that we have what it takes to achieve just that.

Local Seo Service in East Edmonton and Sherwood Park

If you would rather hire a Local Seo services provider, 123 MARKETING is a very good choice to consider. We offer years of success with companies just like yours that are currently showing up in the local search engine optimisation search results. Our local Seo packages are either included in our monthly seo and sem pricing or as a one-time project fee. For local Seo, often a one-time project can “git-er-done” for those on a budget. For the best results in local search engine optimisation give us a call at 780-666-4222 and find out how you can improve your bottom line by getting powered by 123 Marketing.

Responsive Web Design in WordPress

We are experts at creating responsive website designs in Wordpress. We know how to increase stability and reduce maintenance all while keeping every section easily editable in the future. Let us on board for your next project and we will be sure to create a fresh new WordPress website that works on tablets, mobile and desktop.




We know how a website is an extension of your brand and that it needs to be just so. We can’t go about having an online presence that isn’t every bit as manicured and marketed as the rest of the company. Check out our web designs in our portfolio and we are sure that you can see the difference that 123 MARKETING delivers. We customize each website for mobile responsiveness on all of the major tablets, mobile devices and resolution sizes. We create static contact buttons to ensure that your users can reach you when they want to. 1-780-666-4222


We are technical seo web designers who know how to maximize the return on your content. Don’t settle for average web design when you can have interlinked strategic pieces of art sculpted by the digital experts at 123 MARKETING. We know that broken links, excessive redirect chains and issues with W3 compliance are going to adversely effect your rankings so we make sure that you have no issues. We run enterprise level seo auditing software to seek out and destroy any friction between your website and web crawlers.


123 MARKETING is rated nearly five stars on all of our Google My Business listings. We have accumulated more than 60 positive five star reviews across our network. We also have three positive reviews on our Better Business Bureau profile and an A+ rating. Our internet marketing services have been creating happy customers since 2010. Get our team of web marketing and sem experts on your next digital marketing or paid advertising campaign.


We at 123 MARKETING have a professional seo division called 123 SEO. That’s right, our team of website marketing specialists know the difference between domain authority and domain maturity and can help you maximize your online exposure. We start with an analysis of your existing website including a Screaming Frog content scrape to line up exactly what headings, images and response codes that Google crawlers are indexing. Then we optimize your content to seek and destroy search algorithms and gain your brands exposure and ranks. We don’t mess around with seo Edmonton services so give us a call 780-666-4222 for the best seo programs in Alberta.


We are a website marketing company that accepts new clients in Edmonton, AB and is here to help you grow your business. We know the difference between pay per click, seo and Facebook ads. Let our team of experts help you plan, execute and track the progress of a web marketing campaign. We can connect your project with the niche experts required for success in each marketing vertical. Whether you want geo-targeted ads blitzing a certain demographic for your new service or a national campaign for your new product launch, we have the marketing expertise to deliver a return on investment. Call 1-780-666-4222 for the seo marketing in North Edmonton, AB.


We are just as curious as you to the intricacies of the Google Zoo. But, from what we read and experience, this is a series of algorithm changes going on at Google. They are isolating areas of their search parameters that matter more than others and need to be weighted a certain way for best results. Google wants to be the most relevant search engine, so it only makes sense that they change how data is filtered as they grow. Each new update is named after an animal or creature and as such the group is called the Google Zoo. We will be on the lookout for more animated creatures in the digital world shaping our search engine results and keep your ranks up to date.


We are an Edmonton Seo Company that knows your South Commons business is searching for residents in Leduc and Beaumont as well as Stoney Plain and Spruce Grove. We know that your North Edmonton retail business is looking for customers in Sherwood Park, St. Albert and Fort Saskatchewan. We are an Edmonton SEM Service that delivers a return on investment to our clients. Call 1-780-666-4222 for top rated search engine optimisation services.


Our web marketing plans are perfect to promote your brick and mortar retail location. We know how to dominate markets with multiple locations. We can ensure that your location-based marketing is perfectly aligned. We have NAP marketing, local seo and verified address management plans starting at $200 plus $25 per month recurring. Get consistent for best results and our local seo packages deliver a return on investment.


We have mastered the photoshopping of stock images to deliver crisp, clean and killer website designs. We edit, splice and manipulate to create authentically inspired marketing banners rich with company IP and branding. Get the 123 MARKETING team on your next website design! Why settle for the second-best web designers in Edmonton when you have the first? We work primarily with WordPress and custom PHP web development solutions designed to deliver ROI for your business. Call 780-666-4222 for website design today.


This is an important question for marketers. At 123 MARKETING we feel that paid display type advertising is a good way to scale and grow a business. But is not the first part of a good web marketing plan. Our company is founded on the principle that organic seo including high-quality content and web designs that focus on user experience are the best foundation for success. The first $1000 per month of marketing should be spent on Local Seo and Organic Seo. Eventually, you will rank for your keywords and instead of having to pay per click, you get clicks for free. Once you have at least $1000 per month on seo, we can start to look at Google Adwords and PPC advertising. Want more information? Reach out to us..


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