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Trash King Is a Bin Rental Contractor

Our client was an early adopter in the bin rental market in Greater Vancouver. We have upgraded their website a few times for conversion and added smart booking features and lead generation strategies.

38% Increase in Actions

1500 New Visitors Each Month

400% Increase in Leads from 2016 to 2017

Our Solution

1 Analysis

We use a ton of research to select our keyword strategy.

2 Low Hanging Fruit

In the early days, we chose a path of least resistance approach to our keywords.

3 CTR Analysis [ Click-Through-Rate-Analysis ]

Using tools like Bing Webmasters and Google Search Console, we track every click and adjust our lead keywords accordingly.

Looking for a Junk Removal Bin Rental Partner?


We are currently developing a new site. The challenge for this last version of the website project was to make custom pricing information readily available for the user. This is tricky because there are so many options, restrictions and “what ifs” for the company to consider when posting pricing online. With over 100 potential bins for rent, we had to get creative to so the user didn’t have to search through 100 items to find the one that they wanted. The company also wanted to display pricing for common “add ons” to certain items to more accurately predict a customer’s pricing on demand in real time.

Search Engine Optimization

This website has been the industry leader for many years. The organic SEO behind this web design is technical, researched and ready to explode. We anticipate a monster increase in users to the website after Google re-indexes the site with the new pages, content and architecture.

Verified Google My Business Marketing

This website has decent local SEO considering part of the local search engine optimization assets over the years were not verified and were lost. So although, this company pioneered the Google Business listing in its geographical industry, its placement is a bit lower than it could have been if they hired us sooner. We are working with the business owner to get more reviews from happy clients and to build asking for these reviews into their business model to improve this category.


We pulled out all the stops for this customer with custom content marketing solutions. Our team used research in the industry as well as research within the geo targeted area involving keywords and competitor analysis. This industry is very competitive and copywriting needs to be compelling as well as search engine friendly to maximize results for our customer.

Social Marketing: SMM

This client has never used social media to market their business. The demographics of the target market in play here are often baby boomers who might have a cell phone but won’t be looking on social media for their purchases. Of course a younger generation of tech savvy homeowners is emerging, but that generation is actually quite good at researching their purchases through search engine searches. So again, the social media component isn’t going to deliver a bang for your buck.

On The Technical Side

This site has an extensive architecture behind it. We had to fix an existing page name structure that didn’t conform with current search engine algorithms recommendations for standard practices. We also had to completely redo the spider web of links on this site to maximize domain authority potential. The site is currently under development again as we decided to phase the web site launch into two parts to give our coding and design teams a little more time to work out the finishing touches.

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