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$25 PER MONTH with the purchase of any website


– After your website is created, there is essentially two steps that make it go online.

– The place that you registeres your domain (domain registrar) needs to change the nameservers to point to the server that your hosting account is on.

– Our preferred registrar is Godaddy.com, but you could be using Doteasy or Bluehost or others as well.

– From, this the hosting account provides the infrastructure to let other people visit and surf your website.

– So although, our website is in cyberspace somewhere, a computer is actually storing our website on it in Burnaby, BC and sharing it with the internet.

We Offer Two Kinds Of Hosting Packages. (Shared IP Hosting & Private IP Hosting)

– Let’s be realistic, you probably don’t evenreally understand what hosting is? So what the heck do you need a huge list of what’s included in your hosting package for?

– Like an apple product, we have made some of the decisions for you and selected a standard hosting package for everyone.

– We charge $50 per year per website to be hosted on our cloud server.

– Our shared hosting comes with a Vancouver, BC IP Address and access to a cPanel.

– If you have additional domains, we will charge $100 for the first domain and then $25 for each additional domain per year.

– There are limitations to bandwidth and storage, but usually, this is an all-inclusive cost per year for a basic website.

– Need some help getting your website onto your hosting account? – No problem for $100 we can transfer your existing website to your new hosting account.

– You will need to change the nameservers at your domain registrar or give us the login to do so.

– Get a private IP address for only an extra $200 per year.

What about Emails?

You can create as many emails as you like and your email storage capacity is very reasonable. We recommend using Google to provide the infrastructure for your email and we can set this up for you. Essentially, you can login anywhere in the world into youremail@yourdomain.com from google.ca and putting the email on your mobile device has never been easier. For $50 per year, per user, often this is a very good choice as it simplifies your email considerably. See Google Email Pricing Here Looking for a Website Hosting?

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