Web Marketing Services Coming to 123 Marketing Soon

At 123 MARKETING, we are always looking to deliver results to our customers. Part of this involves continual innovation and improvement. We often modify and increase our service offerings to deliver the biggest bang for your marketing buck.

Currently in the development phase we have SEO Coaching plans where you can sign up for a small monthly fee and receive “DO-IT-YOURSELF” instructions on how to improve your SEO. Many tasks are simply time consuming and can be done by you easily. We aren’t going to unlock the Caramilk secret but you can expect a significant improvement in your search engine rankings with this membership.

We also have Social Medial Marketing programs being beta tested right now. For a monthly fee, we can monitor, research and post on your social media accounts for you. We can work with you to find a budget that works and a strategy for return on investment that justifies it. Coming soon to a 123 MARKETING near you.

Pay Per Click and Adwords campaign management really depends on the industry as to whether or not its effective. If you are getting a customer who is going to spend $100 at your online store, it might not make sense to pay $5 per click to find those customers. On the other hand, if you are getting $5000 retainers for legal services, the value proposition is much more flexible. We will be handling these accounts in the near future. Please stay tuned for more information.