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For this web design we chose a simple LAW Word Press theme and customized it. The client wanted a simple, informative website that was budget friendly. We delivered a custom design with a primary call to action being “telephone the business” and the secondary call to action being “email the business.” We used a simple web form and web server to deliver the emails in real- time to the business. We also set up an email to the user thanking them for their email and providing the phone number for the business in the event that they need a quicker response.


This website had exactly no organic search engine optimization when we got the contract and its only gone up from there. We managed to get it to rank for everything related to real estate in the geo targeted area. We also sourced out keywords that no one in the industry was targeting and increased the traffic to the website. Finally, we have it on the first page of Google for most geo targeted searches in the industry. The site is not number one in the city yet, but for a one lawyer office its fair to say that her rankings are in the top 5 percent of her local industry.


This Google Business listing has not been maintained for many years. We worked with the customer to get her clients to deliver Google Business reviews. We then made sure that everyone in the web knew about both a new office location that just opened up and the fact that her main office had moved. It was surprising how many directory websites still had their old address.


This website has a combination of seo engineered content for targeting search engines to deliver results and customer written artisan copywriting. Lawyers are busy people with lots of draws for their time and energy so we did our best to capture the firm in a positive light for both the Google and Bing search engines.


This client has a Facebook account that is not particularly active. As the company adds on more support staff, a plan is in the works to increase the net that is cast from social media platforms like Facebook.