What is the difference between SEO and Local SEO?

At 123 MARKETING, we consider the difference to be simple. Local Seo works with search engines internal directories ( like Google Maps, Yahoo Maps etc. ) to match IP addresses of internet searchers with businesses listings near that area.

For example, if you are in Nanaimo, BC and you type in “Starbucks” into Google, you will be directed to a map with “pin drops” of each location near you. These “pins” are profiles to local coffee shops and not their actual website. This is local seo.

Seo or search engine optimisation is when your website shows up on google for certain search terms. For example if you type in “Nanaimo Pet Rocks” into Google.ca, our Seo Nanaimo website link in 2nd place in the search engine results. This is from search engine optimisation or seo.

Why is Local Seo Important?

One of the key reasons that Nanaimo Local Seo is important is that these listings are often the lowest hanging fruit for your business. Once you verify the physical address of the “pin drop” by accepting a post card in the mail from Google, your link is live. From that point on, your link can be out there working in tandem with your website and internet marketing to bring customers to you. Sometimes, you can have a local seo listing and an organic search listing on the same search term. So there is a double chance that a searcher will find your website.

At 123 Marketing, we are experts at working with Nanaimo Local Seo. Simply put, we can get your website to show up for all the search terms that are relevant for your business. Its taken many years of trial, error and adaption but we have a formula that is driving success for our clients consistently.

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