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What is Local Seo and why do you need it in Grande Prairie?

Local SEO is very important from the aspect of local marketing through web. It can promote the local businesses and their services by giving products/services to the customers in a particular area. It also uses search engines like Google to get the services promoted to the best businesses in an area.

Local SEO reaches towards the local customers when they have need for your services and are ready to buy it. These customers are ‘Actual Customers’ having real need of the particular business services. Your website will be a way for them to reach towards you.


Need of Local Businesses

  • Local customers look on internet for local business

The rate of local customers using search engines and directories has increased. Every 6 out of 10 people will look forward to these results to get the required products/services.

  • Timely and Targeted

Local search engines promote the business to localized customers and target them exclusively for the things they require.

  • High Conversion rates

Local directory marketing is better than the traditional ad options and fetches more opportunities for business owners than the conventional ways of marketing.

  • Mobile apps usage

Customers are finding it easy to find the local businesses with mobile apps and mobile devices. You can’t miss a potential customer by getting a presence on their mobile.

  • Better ROI

Local SEO is cost effective and efficient. It will generate better revenues for local businesses.

  • Google Places listings

Some local businesses have still not got grips on search engines. You can strike the competitors and target locales by listing your website on Google and other major search engines. It is free to register and an effective marketing tool.

  • Less readers for local newspapers

There are less people who read local newspapers at present. Majority is turning towards internet to find local news and get best local deals and business information.


What is HTML? CSS? JAVA?

What is HTML, Java Script and CSS? Need of Web Developers HTML Defines the content of web pages CSS Specification of the web pages layout JavaScipt Programming for the web pages behavior HTML Web pages are strings of words accumulated in the special format displayed by the browsers. The format of web pages is termed as HTML, which means HyerText Markup Language. Web browsers can make reading of HTML files and give them audible and visible web pages. HTML describes Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with the appearance of web pages. HTML can include scripts affecting the behavior of HTML web pages. HTML markup can refer to CSS for definition of the text, images and other material. WWW maintains standards for HTML and CSS. JavaScript Javascript is the programming language for designing HTML and the web pages. The main function of programming is to make computer perform the desired operations. Javascipt is very easy to learn and this high-level programming language having core usage in the website pages. This prototype based language makes it object oriented, functional and imperative. Javascript has inclusions for API for working with text, regular expressions, arrays and dates; but it doesn’t include storage, networking and graphics. Javascript is different from the programming language Java, but they have some similar syntax and standard libraries. Javascript is also used in some PDF documents, desktop widgets and browsers; and used as interpreted language for performing just-in-time compilation. CSS CSS refers to Cascading Style Sheets and it allows for specification of things in the font, size and other textual variations. It can help you in controlling the appearance of your web pages. CSS may be created in MS Word format where everything is specified in only one file. Web editors can undertake HTML and CSS portions in their own way. On the web pages, the raw information is specified in HTML and the most of appearance part is undertaken by CSS.


Get Etsy Marketing For Your Store

Basic set up for store Uploading xxx items 100 Keyword Research – $150 Store Set Up – $200 25 Items Basic SEO- $150 3 Month Plan to monitor store stats Re-Assess after 3 months whether the store is worth investing into. $500 package $1000 package $1500 package Lower the price for the first 10 reviews. Reputation is key. Packaging, personal note. attention to details, being 100% correct with information. The after purchase is KEY for reputation management. What are your costs per unit shipped to USA and CANADA? How much does your cost per unit vary by size / piece? KEYWORD RESEARCH LINK BUILDING MAPS $25 SOCIAL MEDIA $20 each? LOCAL DIRECTORY VERIFIED $30 LOCAL DIRECTORY UNVERIFIED $20 1) BING / GOOGLE BUSINESS Maps Listing to their House – hide address later Link To the Store Link to the store 2) Social Media Accounts Each account links to Etsy Store Basic account set up only 3) Local Directory Posting Each directory links to the Etsy Store


Local Seo Strategies for Service Companies


Can we BUILD your next WEBSITE?

Cole Merkley

123 marketing has been instrumental in generating a lot of new business for us. They took over our website design project when another company didn’t produce as promised, finished the project and delivered us a brilliant website completely on time and on budget. We subsequently hired them for our SEO needs and we are now really seeing a substantial return on our investment. I’d also like to mention that dealing with NIkolas is always a positive experience – he knows his stuff, is professional, trustworthy and will work tirelessly to get you the results you need. As a small business owner, I respect integrity, honesty and value for your money and it was a relief to finally find a marketing company that delivered in those area as well. Thank you Nikolas and 123 marketing!

Lisa Denham

Thanks to Nikolas and team for getting my website to show up on Google. What a difference that has made on my business.

Ewan Robertson

Thanks to Nikolas and Team for the wonderful job they did on my website. I can’t believe it only cost what it did. The other guys quoted me so much higher. I will be using you guys again soon.


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