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Internet marketing and web design are key components of successful businesses. With digital media and online marketing at all time high, is your business benefiting from these mediums?

At 123 MARKETING we offer web design that simply is a cut above the rest. We don’t expect you to know all the technical terms or how to convert a .psd to WordPress. These are details that we take care of.

What we do need from you to have a successful website creation is some pictures and some content and the answers to a few questions.

A picture is worth 1000% words and often custom pictures by a professional photographer are going to add the sizzle on your website that you have been looking for. Sure, we can use stock images if you like, but 99% of customers surveyed prefer custom pictures that represent their brand and business.

Do you have a price list? This is something that like to put online to qualify users so that they don’t waste your valuable time. We can also put price ranges, so that you don’t have to give specifics but someone navigating your website would have a general idea of what it costs to use your services.

Do you have other websites that you like in the industry? This is super helpful, so that we can tailor and modify existing components that you LOVE and make them your own. Don’t worry, we don’t copy them, but let’s not re-invent the wheel if we don’t have to.

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How to Choose a Local Seo Company

Choosing a local search engine optimisation company to help target your community is not easy. Every company can work their magic for you if you pay the fee. Since all the pricing is different and all the quantitative measurements are different, how can you select a local seo company that works?

We recommend choosing an seo firm that has positive reviews on Google Business. These are not easy to get and are often a good indication of the quality of the company. It takes a significant amount of time to find the page to review and then write down about your experience with the company.

We also recommend that you choose a local search engine marketing company that has a five-star rating in Google Business. This is a key milestone in the local seo process and having five stars differentiates newbies with veterans. Does the internet marketing firm thank its reviewers for taking the time to write? This is engagement which is a trending ranking signal that will only increase over time.

Need an Update On Your Hosting, Security and Content?



What is Java Script & CSS?




Web pages are strings of words accumulated in the special format displayed by the browsers. The format of web pages is termed as HTML, which means HyerText Markup Language. Web browsers can make reading of HTML files and give them audible and visible web pages. HTML describes Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with the appearance of web pages. HTML can include scripts affecting the behavior of HTML web pages. HTML markup can refer to CSS for definition of the text, images and other material. WWW maintains standards for HTML and CSS.


Javascript is the programming language for designing HTML and the web pages. The main function of programming is to make computer perform the desired operations. Javascipt is very easy to learn and this high-level programming language having core usage in the website pages. This prototype based language makes it object oriented, functional and imperative. Javascript has inclusions for API for working with text, regular expressions, arrays and dates; but it doesn’t include storage, networking and graphics. Javascript is different from the programming language Java, but they have some similar syntax and standard libraries. Javascript is also used in some PDF documents, desktop widgets and browsers; and used as interpreted language for performing just-in-time compilation.


CSS refers to Cascading Style Sheets and it allows for specification of things in the font, size and other textual variations. It can help you in controlling the appearance of your web pages. CSS may be created in MS Word format where everything is specified in only one file. Web editors can undertake HTML and CSS portions in their own way. On the web pages, the raw information is specified in HTML and the most of appearance part is undertaken by CSS.

Need of Web Developers

  • HTML
  • Defines the content of web pages
  • CSS
  • Specification of the web pages layout
  • JavaScipt
  • Programming for the web pages behavior


What is the Google Zoo?

Information about the Google Zoo Have you heard about the Google Zoo? For those who wish their website to rank in a good place when it comes to Google Search Results, therefore increasing the visitors upon their site as well as generating more sales plus enquiries, they need to know the way that Google views their website moreover some actions that they can take so as to influence it. Major alterations have occurred over the past years, therefore if you have not pursued much work upon the website that you have recently, you can start now. Have you seen that traffic to your website has dropped? The reason for this could include any certain point or points, but it may be due to the fact that the website you have has been impacted by certain alterations that Google has introduced, i.e. Google Panda, Penguin along with Hummingbird. This is known as the Google Zoo in short.

Is it necessary for you to worry about this? Yes you should be precisely if: • Getting vital traffic to, moreover leads from the website you have tends to be important to you, most regard this as vital. • You have seen that your website traffic has reduced within recent months moreover you cannot figure out an obvious explanation for this. • You have been involved in any precise Search Engine Optimization Activity. It could be so that you may have hired an agency to pursue this for you, also if the activity occurred two or even three years ago, even more. You should not think that the advice given to you at that particular time was not good, it simply may mean that due to the alterations that Google has introduced, certain past positive SEO activity now is such that it could work against you. For those of you who have not seen any issues, it is still beneficial to know the way that Google evaluates websites, the way that it decides the ones to show in the vital search engine results. It has been said that Google employs complex algorithms that look for positive along with negative signals upon your website, moreover these algorithms tend to get altered and adjusted on a regular basis as Google aims to better the quality of needed search results for its searchers. If you are able to understand the things that Google does as well as does not value, it may be so that you may improve your website, achieve better rankings plus more traffic to the website that you have, in the future. What is Google Panda? Panda is concerned with making sure that those sites publishing content that is of low-quality should not rank in a good place in Google. The algorithm concerned with Google Panda analyzes the quality of content upon the pages of the website that you have and considers factors that include: • The general quality of content upon the page as well as how vital it is, specifically when it comes to its applicability to a certain search query. • Another factor that it considers includes the percentage of people that look at only a page of the website that you have (bounce rate) along with the amount of time individuals remain upon your website. • The precise click through rate specifically to your website that is achieved from the vital page displaying Google Search Results. First introduced at the beginning of 2012 the precise Panda update has actually been refreshed a lot of times, as Google keeps on refining the way that it collects along with analyses website data. Some things that could be wrong when it comes to your website Some years back, the employment of keywords upon web pages tended to be very influential. The recommendations included the fact that you should employ your chosen keywords a lot of times, i.e. in the headings, meta tags, as well as page content, allowing Google to achieve a clear understanding concerning the target keyword(s) of any page. This principle was actually usually abused, and web pages included strings of keywords that were repeated and not much value. For those of you who possess pages upon your website which overuse keywords moreover do not give useful information, now Google actually can realize this. It will then be less attracted to direct individuals to those pages. For those that have copied content emanating from somewhere else, it has been said that this will go against them as well. Therefore content needs to be unique. What Google thinks is low-quality type of content Content which is thin Content which is regarded as being too short, or content that does not provide value upon the topic that it is concerned with. This is content which is published mainly for having another page online. Content which is spun or even repurposed The practice of content spinning involves taking an article, then replacing certain words, sentences plus phrases with some alternate versions. After this they republish it showing it like it is new content. Content which is unreadable or fully keyword-driven This is an issue that mostly arises with SEO content, i.e. content that is written with the aim of ranking it within Google. This type of content is usually keyword-stuffed, that makes it tough to read. It also tends to be thin a lot of the time. Duplicate content The process of getting content from various other sites and then publishing this upon one’s own website is not a good idea. Apart from the copyright issues, Google has the ability to quickly locate the origin of that particular piece. It will devalue any duplicates present. Panda is thought to impact whole sites, and not only individual pages. Things to do about it Carefully look at the content that your website has. See if it tends to be readable, informative along with interesting. Check if it looks at the kinds of questions that your potential customers may want answered. If you see that it does not do this then rewrite it. For those who write content that is good and unique giving information as well as conveying the value concerned with the products plus services that they have moreover the ways that these can aid people in solving their issues, it is possible that Google will prefer this, but more importantly ones potential customers may actually appreciate it making them be more willing to wish to pursue business with you. Ways to remain safe • Remember to publish content that is of quality and is well-researched. • Avoid publishing those ultra-short entries (less than 200 words). • Avoid copying from anyone. • Avoid keyword-stuffing the content that you have. What is Google Penguin? Penguin tends to be about devaluing sites which have formed unnatural links so as to get an advantage as well as inflate their precise position in Google. Yes links still tend to be very vital when you aim to build your particular position within the search engines. Despite the fact that it tends to now not be as straightforward in comparison to how it was a few years back, links tend to still be votes which one site provides to the other. It has been said that to a certain extent, the amount of links that you possess along with the quality of the precise links gives your position when it comes to Google. Therefore many people initiated building links by themselves rather than wait for webmasters to link with them naturally. Google did not prefer this therefore they formed Penguin so as to locate along with devalue site that did this. Google Penguin is mainly concerned with the quality of vital links that come in to the website that you have. Google analyzes the various websites that link to yours, this being one way of figuring out how precious your website is. Penguin was initially introduced within April 2012. There have been some updates that show Google’s advanced understanding when it comes to good along with bad links. Penguin 2.1 claims to possess a larger range of targets, including: • Forum spam • Links emanating from low-quality and online directories • A lot of links containing anchor text that is the same • Link networks Penguin is also said to impact whole sites, like Panda. Are you experiencing this? For those who have actively aimed to form external links precisely to their website, or maybe have paid some SEO agency to pursue this for them, they may be affected by this issue. Your link profile can be such that it has many links which previously were rather good at enhancing your rankings, but may now be negatively impacting them. The case may be so that you have not even attempted to build links, but still see many, some that you did not even ask for as well as are not aware of, nevertheless these may be penalizing you. For those of you who employ Google Analytics, look at the website traffic that you have. If you notice a reduction within organic traffic occurring from around late May or maybe early October 2013, then you may have been impacted by Google Penguin. Ways to remain safe • Avoid purchasing links, • Avoid being involved in link exchanges of any sort. • Avoid being involved within guest post networks. • Check the site you have via a tool that can do this so as to find any low quality links which you have. Contact the owners of the particular sites. Ask them to remove the links. • Avoid unnatural links generally. What is Google Hummingbird? Hummingbird claims to be concerned with favoring sites which give answers to real user questions. This was launched officially within September 2013. It is involved in Google’s overall aim of giving wonderful search results. It is concerned with what users are actually looking for at the time that they search. Hummingbird claims to analyze every word within a search query so as to figure out the web pages that will best match what the full search phrase means. Things that are also taken into account include the users location, moreover topical information, the time that the user tends to be searching along with what kind of device they are searching on, so as to figure out the information that is the most relevant to show to them within the search results. Hummingbird claims to be different in comparison to Panda as well as Penguin. Panda along with Penguin target precise elements concerned with the algorithm, Hummingbird tends to possess an approach that is broader. In a certain way, it actually redefines how Google works altogether. Google now possesses a better understanding when it comes to real-world queries which tend to not be keyword-driven, and rather, problem-driven. It tends to therefore be rather tough to provide any particular guidelines so as to remain on Hummingbird’s positive side. You can make your content such that it solves real problems, i.e. problems which individuals would discuss in real conversations that they have with friends. Therefore the quality of ones content upon their web pages tends to be vital here, and forming on from the particular Panda concept, the content that has a more conversational type of style, that shows what likely customers may wish to ask, or maybe the problems which they may wish to solve, may be received in a good way by this algorithm. Hummingbird may have a creeping impact as time passes concerning how it impacts your site. Hummingbird may reward websites which have content that is of a good quality and original, mainly content that answers the kinds of questions individuals employ most usually when searching. If you wish to have more question and answer kind content within your website you may have: FAQs page that is detailed A blog that is where you may write posts concerning the kinds of questions that your customers along with prospects ask. You can have “how to” articles, blog posts or maybe videos. Interviews with the experts You should write unique pieces that are in words of your own and from the experience that you have.


SEO Tips For Your Small

Some SEO Tips that Small Businesses may find Useful Google My Business You can set up the Google My Business precise account and then let all your precious business details get uploaded. This is free and may aid you in coming in those vital local search results concerned with searches that are done in the area that you operate. Broad queries that have large volumes tend to be showing local results. This is something that small businesses may benefit from. A website that is fast and also good when it comes to mobile devices You can form mobile sites with the aid of simple plugins precisely for your CMS, for instance WordPress. If you optimize your content to load quickly via plugins where available, may aid you in becoming better than some other websites when it comes to performance. Carry out much keyword research Do this so as to see any gaps that are present in the market. If you target the keywords that your bigger competitors do then you may not be very successful as your stronger competitors are more established as well as possess more coverage online. Employing keyword research tools like Google’s Keyword Planner so as to find gaps present within the market may aid you in capitalizing on these. Google Search Console You can start using this free tool which claims to give much information concerning your website’s performance when it comes to Google search, along with errors present upon your site plus things you need to address.

With the aid of Search Console it may be possible to know which keywords Google believes your particular website to be relevant for, if there are issues crawling your website, whether your site tends to be mobile friendly, and more. Know about your online audience completely You need to know who is regarded as being the typical online customer that you may get, what these customers are looking for, what do they do online along with the kind of content that they prefer. If you are able to fully comprehend your audience then you may be able to understand the things you should do online so as to get their attention. For instance if the audience remains much on Facebook then you need to focus much over here. If the audience likes reading online tutorials concerning topics connected to your niche then you may have to form your very own tutorial content. If you do not fully know your audience then you will be trying various things randomly which is a waste of resources. Find out the way search engines tend to show results concerned with your niche It may be so that a small business may not know who and what they are competing with when it comes to the search. An example includes the instance whereby search engines display much images and videos when it comes to their results concerned with keywords that you wish to be prominent for, then you may want to give that kind of content instead of only focusing on text. The case may be present that search engines display local business results, you will then need to focus on getting visibility when it comes to these kinds of results. Consider ScreamingFrog and also see if your site has onsite issues Be alert for security issues. Sites that are compromised may actually lose their visibility along with traffic. Physical address upon Google Maps The local business that has a physical location along with offline customers should claim their physical address upon Google Maps. Be genuine For those of you who do not have a high marketing budget, it may be beneficial to work slowly and by yourself due to the reason that you may know your business along with customers more than anyone else does. Connect with customers personally and do not depend upon someone spamming them for you. Be alert of those agencies which promise the earth If you are ready to purchase PPC ads, apart from this there may be no way to be sure that you will get a listing on page one, even with this it can be rather tricky upon competitive terms. Any agency and salesperson that says it will give you this, it may be better to ignore them. They may be able to cause harm when it comes to the long-term search visibility of your website. For those who are only getting started, it may be so that you may not necessarily require an agency so as to enhance your SEO efforts. Look to see the things that you can actually do by yourself first. For those who hire an agency it is better to watch them carefully Those agencies that employ wrong methods can cause much harm. Usually by dishonest link-building that may give certain short-term results, this will expose the site that you have to risking penalties long-term. Stay up-to-date when it comes to industry news You may know this that things can alter rather fast in SEO therefore things that may work for some time may turn out to become against Google’s vital rules as time passes. Do not depend a lot on Google Google can alter how it ranks sites and also how it shows results at a certain time, in a way that can really impact your search traffic. Try and build email lists, employ social media and so on so as to attract customers from many sources. Form a blog or form content Did you know that content is the thing that will aid you to rank when it comes to your target terms. For instance this includes content upon product pages, homepages as well as everywhere across the site, nevertheless a blog may also aid you out. You should not only do this for SEO purposes, as blogs give you a chance to talk about the product along with services you are providing. You can also tell issues present around them. Therefore you can form that type of content which people attracted to your product as well as service would like, and initiate forming an audience. Regularly blog For those of you who blog you should do it often. It is not compulsory to write say six articles daily, but often updating means that your visitors will have something that they can read. You also will be forming fresh content for search engines. Do not become keyword-mad You do want to focus on those terms which your customers tend to be prone to search for, nevertheless you need to write something for humans or else you will have weak content. Have evergreen content Try and form quality content which addresses customers’ problems and also possesses an increased shelf-life. It has been said that ‘evergreen content’ tends to be more likely to get search ranking when it comes to a longer amount of time. Utilize a URL structure that is clear Individuals should guess what the topic of your page is by simply looking at your URL. Employ internal linking so as to optimize the site that you have Good internal linking involves linking topics along with themes together more sensibly for readers as well as for search engines. An example includes the fact that you are giving cake-decorating services, many articles will be present from you that are employing that phrase. Not all will rank for that, therefore pick the page that you most likely will want ranked concerning that term. Then point the precise links at that. Employ the site search data you have to locate terms to target One can look at the terms that their visitors tend to search for onsite via their analytics data. It may be possible to learn much from a site search data that may aid you. For instance the keywords which people employ upon your site may be terms which you presently are not targeting through SEO or even PPC. If this case is present then analyzing the site search data may be a good way to find better terms to target. Another thing is that they also let you know the type of language which customers utilize. Motivate reviews Reviews may aid in driving conversions but, looking at it from the SEO perspective, they aid in driving one’s local SEO visibility. Try and optimize images Optimize your images for SEO. Google Analytics You can set up something called Google Analytics. It claims to be free and will aid you in comprehending customer behavior along with traffic sources and even more. UX Think about the thing called UX. After mobilegeddon ones mobile ranking is depended upon factors concerned with UX. One of these incudes site speed. Employ tools for instance Google’s pagespeed insights so as to know about the site that you have and the ways to improve it. Google My Business You can optimize the Google My Business precise profile that you have. Include the basics, for instance if you possess a physical store then give opening times as well as directions and more information that is useful. You can put in some images and have regular updates, etc. Figure out who tends to be linking to you Learn from this. It is possible to see the links that you get via certain tools. See if you are encouraging links from sites that are relevant. If this is the case then see what types of content and pages tend to be attracting these links? Have a unique title present for all pages It has been said that upon Google one has about 55 characters so as to let a topic of a certain page be clear to searchers along with search engines. Expectations that results will come quickly is something to avoid You should not think that you will get success overnight. It is possible that good SEO may take time, therefore remain patient and continue with the process that is good. Employ small amounts of PPC For those who possess the budget, PPC may give traffic in a more quick way. It may also be able to inform the SEO efforts that you are carrying out. You can view the keywords that are better when it comes to conversions. It may also aid you in bettering your landing pages. The product page copy should be written by yourself If you tend to be selling products which other sites also have, it is better to have product descriptions that are unique which can aid your site in being able to stand out. It has been said that they tend to be better when it comes to conversions. Other tips On-site SEO along with off-site SEO are needed. It has been said that you need to have both if you want good results. Initiate doing SEO immediately. The more time that you ignore it, the further your competitors will proceed ahead of you, and the tougher it becomes so as to rank in a place that is higher than them. You should know who your competition is. Figure out what those sites that rank on the initial page concerning the keywords which you wish to rank for tend to have pursued, on-site as well as off-site so as to be where they are, i.e. the 1st page. One thing you should keep in mind is that no two websites tend to be the same. A certain SEO strategy which gave positive results for someone’s site may not work well for yours due to the reason that many variables are present. If you are thinking that SEO should be expensive then you are wrong. It is claimed that you may achieve huge results even when employing a small budget that is if you actually invest time forming amazing content along with building online relationships. Do not think that SEO results are immediate. SEO work carried out today may not show and may also not get credited by the vital search engines even for weeks as well as months. You will need to be very patient if your website is one that is new. Time is required to build authority along with trust. Only when you have formed both, you need not think that you will outrank those older and more established type of sites. Do not ever think that your website is completed. If you wish your site to remain ranking higher and attracting even more visitors moreover making more sales try to then always add to it as well as improve it. Adapt yourself to vital algorithm updates. If you wish to attain as well as retain good rankings then you should adapt the SEO strategy that you have as important search engines change as time passes. You do not have to give your website to vital search engines. This is because they have changed beyond that area of having to be notified in a direct way at the time that a new website as well as page upon a website has been formed. You can receive advice directly from the vital Google. This can be done through their Webmaster Guidelines along with Webmaster Help Videos. Stay away from risking Google penalties. Due to the fact that they possess a huge share when it comes to the search market, therefore a penalty arising from them will lead to much and usually a long-term tense loss of vital visitors coming to your site. It is you who are in the end responsible for any SEO work pursued upon your website. Do not think that search engines tend to not remove penalties because it was not you who did it, moreover that you did not have any idea concerning the specifics of that vital SEO work pursued upon your site. Try to set-up as well as employ Google Search Console. This should be done so as to figure out, among various other things, the keywords that your site tends to be ranking for moreover which other sites tend to be linking to yours. Also set-up as well as utilize Google Analytics. This should be done to figure out, among various other things, the number of visitors that your site achieves, the keywords that they employ to find it, moreover the pages that they visit. Develop a Google+ page that you can use for your business. This may help in forming trust with Google as well as enhancing rankings when it comes to localized keywords. Make your traffic sources be diversified. Google tends to be a good source when it comes to traffic, but it is better to not be fully dependent upon them for visitors letting you be in a position that is vulnerable. Employ Pay Per Click as well as SEO. For those who are able to afford to be able to do both, do this then. PPC can be rather costly, but you may acquire visitors to come to your site immediately concerning any keywords which you want. Low quality results in high risk. If you have low quality backlinks along with low quality type of on-site content, this can simply lead your site becoming penalized by vital search engines. Make content initially for people and not for search engines. Is there any benefit of forming content which ranks well but does not aid people, provide them with interest, moreover encourage them to purchase from you? Get rid of duplicate content. It is possible for you to get penalized if you have content which is the same or really similar upon multiple pages of the site that you have. Get rid of, merge or even add to pages that have little content. If you have many content-light pages that have short page type of view times, you are risking the ability to let search engines downgrade every one of your vital site’s keyword rankings. Remember not to copy content coming from other websites. When search engines find out that content upon your site is such that it has been gotten from somewhere else they may actually downgrade rankings when it comes to some or maybe all of the webpages that you have. You should claim authorship of the content that you have. It has been claimed that linking ones Google+ account to their content aids in improving rankings along with click-through-rate. Make sure that your content is wonderful enough so as to be upon the very 1st page. For those who have content that is not better in comparison to content already present upon the very 1st page concerning a keyword then their site should not deserve to be ranked there. You should have content that is engaging for your visitors. Content that is more engaging has the ability to make individuals want to stay upon your site. High viewing times tell search engines that the particular site deserves to get good rankings. Make videos. These have the ability to increase the time that individuals remain upon the site that you have and also let you achieve links from the video sharing sites that are present. Develop stats, infographics, charts as well as graphs. It has been said that individuals tend to be more likely to link along with share these kinds of content in comparison to plain written content.



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