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Our Agency does not make excuses. You and your clients will get confident guidance from us, and we always stand by our results, good, great or really great!


Well Managed Projects

When it comes to project management, we’ll drive. We keep the work on schedule and the budget on point.


Clear Expectations

Web Design Projects involve teamwork between our team and yours. We need help with content, access and feedback to be successful.

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Showing You How We Care About Our Values

Be Bold

Be Bold

Our Clients hire us for our marketing expertise. Come times that requires telling them things they may not like to hear but need to hear. We believe in being bold in our marketing campaigns and our communication with clients.

Be Curious

Be Curious

We test things. We try different approaches. We look for creative and practival ways to improve results for clients. We believe that curiosity will lead us to new places.

Be Accountable

Be Accountable

We hold ourselves accountable. It’s easy to blame others when things go wrong. It’s much harder to look inward at what we could have done differently. If there are things we can get done ourselves, we don’t wait for others to do them.

Be Upfront

Be Upfront

We pride ourselves on being upfront with our pricing. You won’t find any hidden fees or mystery charges while working with 123 Marketing.

Keep Learning

Keep Learning

We take education seriously because our industry is constantly changing. We believe it is our duty  to stay up to date on all the latest strategies, tactics and industry news.

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Core Values

Showing How We Care About Our Values



In order to get the right answer you have to ask the right questions. The more you understand your business, your market and your customer, the better you’ll do at creating a compelling website.

Customer Profiles, Competitive Analysis, High Level Goals, Sales Process

Information Architecture

Information Architecture

Simply put, if you mess up on your navigation, you lose. You can have a stellar website but if your customers can’t find that they want, a slick website won’t keep them around.

Site Structure, Naming and Labeling Schemes, Best Navigation Practices

Powerful and Simple Messaging

Powerful and Simple Messaging

Let’s face it. People are tired of fluffy marketing. And they don’t have time to waste. Your messaging has to be simple and concise – easy enough for a caveman to understand: “Website Good”

Headline Analysis, Content Optimization, Content Audit

User Engagement

User Engagement

Utilize the ideal blend of clean, functional design elements and relevant content to make it easy for the right types of visitors to both find and engage with your brand.

Engaging Content, Social Media Integration, Lead Generation

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

“You can lead a horse to water,  but you can’t make him drink.” Well that’s true, but you can definitely encourage him. With a well optimized site you’ll make it easy for your customers to buy products, register for services, and generate more leads.

Conversion Tracking & Setup, Landing Page Architecture & Setup, Adwords Consulting

Big Picture Analysis

Big Picture Analysis

What does a “Win” look like for you? We want to know so we can partner up with you on your goals. We like to ask a lot of questions, take lots of notes and target the items that make the biggest impact. Period.

Long-Term Vision Analysis, Brainstorming, Defining Success

When you hire a professional web design company to build your website, you are bringing on a team that understands micro business. What is a micro business? If you are a small business with less than three employees, you are a micro business. This typically represents a huge percentage of sole proprietorships, mom and pop type operations and even some practitioners. Its important that your company web designer knows how to help you get a return on your investment in online marketing

If we were to ask you what it is that you want your customer to do when they visit your website, would you know what it is?

There are different web design strategies used to maximize the benefit of your digital marketing. Is your website an e-commerce marketplace where customers can purchase directly from you? If so, your desired outcome would be a sale or conversion. If you have a schedule and want your customers to book an appointment with you, then online scheduling options might be the best way to maximize the return on investment of your marketing budget. For a vast majority of businesses, the goal is simply to have the customer call them where they schedule an appointment and convert them to customers in person. At 123 Marketing: an seo web design company, we help you define your goal and then work towards the path of least resistance to reach it.

Your internet marketing solution can also incorporate more than one desired outcome. 

Perhaps a phone call is your first choice, but an email with their contact information for you to call them back is your second choice? We can design a website that focuses on both of these. Whatever your small business needs to be maximize the benefits of its online marketing, using a professional web design services company in Nanaimo, BC can deliver the results you need.

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Custom Web Design Nanaimo

123 Marketing is one of the premier web design companies in Nanaimo, BC. 

123 Marketing is one of the premier web design companies in Nanaimo, BC. We have established an enviable reputation through the provision for custom, affordable web design service to businesses and individuals in this city. Whether you are a small business that is just starting out or you have an established business but you want to spread your tentacles in the internet, our professional web design services will ensure you get up and running as quickly as possible.

Customized Solutions

As a reputable affordable web design Nanaimo agency, we are dedicated to providing custom solutions that will create positive impacts in our client’s businesses.

Unlike other web design companies in the regions that rely on the help of foreign developers to work for their clients, you will be excited to know that we never outsource our work anywhere. We have a competent team of in-house developers always eager to take care of your web design needs. Our team is very friendly and will listen keenly to all your needs before coming up with the best strategy to ensure that the website you get will be a winner right from the beginning.

Create The Best First Impression

The impression your website creates will make the visitors form an opinion about your products or services.

It goes without saying therefore, that you must endeavor to create the right first impression with your website. With our web design Nanaimo services, we help you create the right first impression that will make your visitors glued to your website and make them like your products or services instantly.

Affordable rates

The majority usually have a perception that web design Nanaimo services must always be expensive. But in as much as you will be getting what you pay for, it is our desire to make our services available to clients at very competitive rates. This doesn’t imply we are either cheap or expensive, but we prefer to focus on a good balance between the quality you will be getting from our services and the amount of money you will be paying.

To put a smile to your face, we are glad to let you know that we are the most affordable web design company in the area and you won’t find any other company offering the kind of services we offer at the rates which we make them available at.

Search Engine Optimization

For you to reap maximum benefits from your website, it must be well optimized for the search engines so that it can rank highly whenever users are searching for your products or services. Though there are other methods you could use to get traffic to your website, search engine optimization is preferred because when done right, it will unlock a floodgate of free and target traffic to your website.

At 123 Marketing, we are well versed with the current SEO architecture and irrespective of your industry, we can optimize your website for the best SEO results. Unless you have the marketing dollars to spend on paid traffic, search engine optimization is something you must take seriously if you want to succeed with your website, and we are here to help you achieve the best results.

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If you are interested in working with the real professionals in getting affordable web design Nanaimo BC needs, call us today at 250 – 591 – 0566 and it will be our delight to provide you with the quality and affordable web design services.

If your business is in the market for Nanaimo web designs then 123 Marketing is a great option to consider. We offer custom WordPress web design services to the areas of North Nanaimo and surrounding areas. We have affordable web designs for the budget conscious and small business. We also offer amazing bang for your buck value in that if you compare what you get for web design services from us to another web design company in town, you will see the difference that 123 Marketing offers. We are a value marketing company and looking forward to hearing from you. Give us a call or email today.

Affordable Nanaimo Web Designs

At 123 Marketing, we offer affordable web designer Nanaimo services to individuals, start ups and small businesses in need of highly performing websites. We have the necessary skills, knowledge and the experience needed to create great websites that will meet all your online marketing needs.

Whether you need to make sales, reach more people, increase the number of leads or simply have your products and services available to all in the internet, we are glad to let you know that we have what it takes to achieve just that.

Super Simple Web Design Process

We know that you are busy client and you don’t want to spend all the time following up on the web design process. Due to this, we have a super simple web design process that will give you the flexibility and allow us the efficiency to help you get a quality website. Our simple process involves the following:


Tell Us The Website Package You Want

We offer various packages suitable for different businesses and industry. Let us know the specific package you want from the available ones or we can make a customized package to meet the specific needs of your business.


Revise And Approve The Estimate

Once you have chosen your package, we will prepare a customized quote for your consideration.


We Get To Work And Deliver Your Project

Upon approval of the estimates, we will agree on the timelines, and then begin creating your website. During the process, you will be updated on the progress so that you know how your project is coming along.

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We Include Website Features That Are Most Important

As a professional and affordable Nanaimo web designs agency, our desire is to give you high quality websites packed with features that matter the most. We design the websites and make them adaptable to the changing technologies so that they won’t become obsolete any time soon. Due to this, every we release is packed with the following features:

CMS Based Websites

CMS Based Websites

We use content management systems to power your websites. This is because CMS based websites perform much better and gives you more flexibility when it comes to managing the content. Our preferred CMS is WordPress, though we have the versatility to use others such Joomla and Drupal.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile internet browsing is on a strong ascent and it implies that you will miss a lot of traffic if your website is not optimized for the mobile devices. Our affordable Nanaimo web designs services includes optimization of all the websites to not only make the display on mobile devices but also make them compliant with the ranking requirements of most of the major search engines.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization

It is possible to have a lot of traffic to your website but not have it convert to either subscribers or into sales. We are experts when it comes to conversion optimization and we will help you get the most of the traffic that lands on your website.

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Call us today at 250-591-0566 if you need an affordable Nanaimo web designs company or if you would like to be furnished with more information about our packages.


When your business is looking for an affordable Nanaimo web design company you need to make sure that you do your homework on the web designer. This can include checking the reviews to ensure that the web design agency is creating happy customers and returns on investment. You will also want to look at their own professional website and see if the designs are intuitive to follow and easy to navigate. Finally, check the user experience of the web designs and ask yourself if you would buy a product or service from this custom website. 123 Marketing in an affordable Nanaimo web design company.

Web Design Company Nanaimo


If you desire is to work with a professional and affordable Nanaimo web design company, you have landed on the right page. We are a highly specialized web design company dedicated to providing quality, optimized and functional websites to our clients. We have an in-house team of designers and tech gurus who will work together with you in building websites that will offer successful experiences and unlock the full potential of your businesses online. Whether you are a small business or a large establishment, our customized web designs services are rightly constituted to satisfy your exact needs.

Our Services

It will excite you to know that we have a wealth of experience owing to years we have been in operations as well as the skilled designers and developers we have in our team. Our customized web design solutions include, but are not limited to the following:

Website design

When it comes to designing website for effective promotion of your service and products online, we are one of the most preferred web design companies in Nanaimo, BC. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to design the right kind of website you need for your business. We will work closely with you and discuss all your needs to design a website that will be the major driving force for getting new clients and also selling your products and services online.

Search Engine Optimization

By properly optimizing your website for the search engines, we will unlock the flood gates of free unlimited traffic to your websites. We have the right tools and are well versed with the ranking requirements of the major search engines and with these, we are in a good position to optimize your website and make it rank above your competition. The result of this will be constant sale and leads to your website.

Mobile Designs

The immense growth of mobile traffic cannot be ignored at the present times. The number of people accessing the internet via mobile devices has outgrown the number of users accessing the internet via desktop devices. This implies that if your website is not optimized of the mobile devices, then you will be missing on great volumes traffic. But as expert Nanaimo web design company, we will optimize your website for mobile display so that you miss none of the traffic.

Custom Ecommerce Web Design

We are also experts in designing customized ecommerce websites and integrating them with multiple ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WordPress, Zen Cart, Drupal, Magento and many others.

Content Creation

Content remains to be king if you want success with your website. We are very much aware that creating the right kind of content which your website visitors will find useful and engaging is not a piece of cake of everyone. To help you out, we provide quality content services to ensure that your readers always have a reason to keep on coming back to your website. We have skilled and talented writers who can handle a myriad of topics in various niches with great satisfaction.

Call Us For More Information

Call us now at 250-591-0566 if you need more information about our services or if you would like your design needs to be taken care of by a professional Nanaimo web design company.

SEO Company Offering Coaching For Your Start-Up-Business Marketing

SEO Tips for small business anyone can do. As a search engine optimisation company, we offer coaching to our clients for some self directed seo activities to do in tandem with our search engine optimisation services.

For example, why not sign up for an Industry Canada account? Its free, takes about an hour and definitely adds value to your search engine marketing and digital media results.

Or, if you are feeling social you can create three social media accounts and verify the websites. Perhaps a Facebook account, Twitter account and Instagram account? Its not hard, really anyone can do it. Of course, a web design company like 123 Marketing is also here to help if you would rather we handle everything for you. If you decide to do it on your own, be sure to use unique text on the write ups and make sure that the web address, physical address and phone number match exactly to your website. Feeling technical? Why not set up a central GMAIL account for all web marketing accounts with a name like “yourdomain1234”? From there you can set up and verify your Google Search Console and Google Analytics which are essential components to measure your web traffic and conversions. Many of the tasks that a Seo Company can do for your business, just take time and work best if the owner of the business or its staff also take charge and complete some search engine optimisation tasks in their spare time.

As a Seo Web Design company, we often get questions like: Is it worth my time to ask for reviews? Are some reviews more valuable than others? Which review should I ask my customers for?

For best organic search engine optimisation results we recommend Google Business as the primary place to seek reviews from happy customers. However, it requires the customer to have a GMAIL account and the process can be too cumbersome for many target audiences. Facebook for example, is the path of least resistance to reviews, but since they can be easily purchased and faked, their value is significantly lower from an serps and organic positioning perspective. Reviews in general are slotted to be a key ranking factor moving forward. As more and more customers turn to reviews as a method of selecting companies to do business with, it only makes sense that search engines will start factoring this into their algorithms.

Digital Marketing Tips for Grass-Roots-Companies

123 Marketing offers professional internet marketing services and we understand how overwhelming content marketing can be for entrepreneurs. Here are some tips for Social Media for start up companies and those eager do-it-yourself types.

We recommend, using a combination of sales postings and informative postings. 

For example, if every single post you do on a Facebook account is trying to sell something to your audience, you might find that you lose their interest over the long term. Instead, we recommend a combination of informative and interest based posts as well as posts that contribute to your bottom line. Finding the balance is tricky, but if you are a small business owner with your thumb on the pulse of your grass roots business, it should be fairly easy to get the hang of it over time.


Does your Social Media Page have correct address, phone number and unique content?

If not, this is a quick fix that both your users and search engines will appreciate.


Is your logo vectorized?

Make sure to have a vectorized logo file so that you can easily create the different compatible image sizes that each social media platform specifies. For example, the Google Plus Profile Picture is square and other social media platforms are rectangle. Details like this can add a level of professionalism to give you the edge over a close competitor. We recommend having someone create your logo in all of the social media formats, so that when you are creating content you can use them easily in the future.


Do You Want More Followers On Your Facebook, Instagram Or Twitter Account?

At Digital Marketing Nanaimo, we suggest adding a link to your email signature to “LIKE” your page on Facebook. Often, making the information available to potential customers is a key internet marketing strategy because it costs nothing and only has upside.


Do You Want More Reviews On Your Nanaimo Social Media Marketing Accounts?

We recommend asking for reviews in your day to day transactions with customers. If you get a compliment or go out of your way to accommodate a customer, why not ask them to give you a review. Make sure to know that they are satisfied first, so the review is positive, but it’s a completely acceptable social media marketing practice.

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E-Commerce Web Design for your Joomla or Word Press Site

With many years of experience as web design services company, 123 Marketing offers several coding options for your custom ecommerce website design. We start with a .psd or Photoshop document and then convert it to Word Press or Joomla or HTML. From there we use languages like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, Squarespace, Volusion, 3D Cart and Open Source.

Our team of expert ecommerce web design professionals can help you choose the best platform for your industry and business.

Often, we devise a strategy that incorporates what your competitors are using and ties into your end goal. We also take into account how often you upload new products or services as some of the platforms are more user friendly than others and you may even be able to do this on your own with out the help of a web design services company.


Some of these solutions offer fantastic invoicing and reports and others are user friendly with an intuitive user interface that will lead to higher customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

At the end of the day, you need to choose a web designer who you can communicate with easily and you feel that you will have success working with. If you read our reviews, you will find that we one of the top rated local web design firms locally.


We feel that you will also want to make sure that the web design company that you choose is also an seo services company.

Getting your website built by someone who is not an seo professional is simply foolish. There are countless strategies in website architecture that only internet marketing companies who also do search engine optimisation could even begin to utilize on your behalf.

Why not get 123 Marketing on board for your next digital marketing ecommerce website?

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