Content Marketing Nanaimo


What is Content Marketing?

Simply put, content marketing is a combination of words, images and videos that deliver a consistent message and create value.

What is the “Value” in Nanaimo Content Marketing?

The value that is created, is typically in the form of creating sales or leads for a business, website or company by attracting and retaining an audience of potential customers. Ideally, you can also engage the customer and push them towards your desired outcome of buying something, giving you their contact information or sharing your content with their friends and family.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Blogging are components of content marketing. To be successful, you would want to tailor a message for each of the platforms that is consistent with what the audience is expecting. For example, on Instagram you would want an image, meme or similar posting about your topic and on Twitter you would want a short phrase and web link to your blog. If you were simply posting on the blog of your website, you would want to have an search engine optimized article with depth and quality writing to showcase your topic. On Facebook, you might put a link to the article on your local Blog and add in a paragraph of sales copy about why your target audience cares about this posting and how it can benefit or interest them.

You may also customize the desired outcome for the content on each platform. For example, Instagram might be where you show artistic expression and gain followers who are interested in what your company stands for. Pictures of pet rocks being given to the poor in developing nations with clever humanitarian captions could peak the interest of your audience. It might even be enough for them to share your content with others to spread your message.

On Facebook, you might include sales copy that entices readers to click your article or fill out a web form that captures their contact details for a one on one call later about how your products or services can benefit their business.

Twitter might be where you get the word out about aspects of your business that have viral tendencies. For example, “organic pet rocks” and “gmo free pet rocks” that are revolutionizing the industry. Or maybe its how “gluten free pet rocks” are creating a new sub segment of the market of people suffering from celiac disease who can now take part in the phenom of owning “pet rocks in Nanaimo.”

You might use other forms of internet marketing like sending emails to qualified members of your audience with a discount for purchasing “pet rock stands” and “pet rock clothing” that only have a limited quantity available and time on the market.

Content marketing from 123 Marketing combines precision engineering around keywords and desired outcomes delivered through internet marketing platforms that capture, retain, engage and persuade your audience to behave in a way that benefits your business. From leads and sales to growing awareness and branding, we develop your content marketing strategy with an artistic style and an engineer’s attention to detail . We are fully aware that your teen aged children are capable of writing the words that appear on your website. What we are also aware of is that the return on investment with using professional content writers in British Columbia is certainly worth considering.

123 Marketing has several content writers on staff with very different skill sets and genres. A content marketer who might be perfect for a yoga studio or holistic retreat vacation is not necessarily going to be the first choice to write about the technical side of dentistry or legal matters. We prefer to categorize content and choose people to be a part of the delivery that are both interested and knowledgeable or willing to research your content marketing topics. One of the differences with using 123 Marketing in Nanaimo for web content creation is that we are also skilled with keyword research and in our opinion these two facets of online marketing go hand in hand.

Our writing typically includes structure, that is engineered around a keyword theme that matters for your business. We might use 2% keywords and 10% synonyms and themed varieties of your keywords to ensure that your content is both search engine friendly and uses natural and easy to read language. We might add in some regional terms to further narrow your market and increase the chance of conversion. For example, in Nanaimo, British Columbia we would research whether using neighborhoods and communities names in your search terms increased the qualification process of your users. So, if we were selling “pet rocks” to communities surrounding Nanaimo, we might use terms like “cedar pet rocks” or “pet rocks north nanaimo.” The likelihood that someone who types a search in for “pet rocks downtown nanaimo” is going to be interested in your product is very high. We look for terms like this that help keep your phone ringing with qualified prospects and organic search engine optimisation results.