Internet Marketing Nanaimo

123 Marketing offers internet marketing services to residents of Nanaimo, British Columbia and surrounding areas in BC. We consider internet marketing to simply be the activities that generate a buzz online about your business, product, service or website. The internet is full of whispers and internet marketing capitalizes on these whispers to influence how and when your brand is found online by potential customers. At 123 Marketing, we consider internet marketing to be a broad term with several components within. For example, we would consider search engine optimization and social media marketing parts of internet marketing. We would also consider Ad words, pay per click, sponsored ads, banner advertising and affiliate marketing to be served under the internet marketing banner. So everything from gaining Twitter followers to setting up a $50 a day budget for pay-per-click. Speaking generally, we would also say that some activities are better suited for lower budgets then others. For example, search engine optimization or SEO for short, is probably the best bang for your buck out there with a low budget. If you cherry pick some niche keywords that your competitors are not fighting over, you will likely have a higher return on investment than a $10 a day ad words campaign. If your budget was larger, we would start to group the different components of digital marketing to layer your online marketing strategy for success.

We have also found with experience that Nanaimo social media marketing is best done by the business owner / business on the side. We have content writers ready and willing to write cutting edge daily posts for your business, the problem is that the cost / benefit from these activities does not measure up to search engine optimization in most cases. To be successful posting on Facebook for example, you need to have the finger on the pulse of the business and the industry with your writing. This is not an easy task to keep your user engaged as an outsider. The investment in time from the content writer to deliver messages to your followers is significant. One thing that is often overlooked by people dead set in hiring for social media marketing is that if you expand your website rankings with seo from 123 marketing, we can tailor the message to also increase your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram followers etc. organically. So, your accounts will naturally increase in reach and size. At higher budgets, we do recommend social media as a medium for internet marketing but initially you will see a higher return on investment with organic search engine marketing.

Other aspects of internet marketing include local seo which is like the maps listings from Bing, Yahoo and Google. When a user is searching online, the search engine automatically delivers websites that are indexed with locations that are near the physical IP address of the user. So, if you are in Nanaimo, BC and searching for web design company’s, then internet marketing firms with addresses in Nanaimo like 123 Marketing will show up in the maps section and search results. Local Seo is often overlooked by marketing companies because to be successful they require the business owner to seek out reviews from their customers. Often, this manipulation to the business model is not met with enthusiasm it should be from business owners.

Other components of internet marketing in Nanaimo include email marketing, video marketing and blogging. Email marketing is when you create and maintain a list of potential clients and send them emails with offers to them. This can be effective, when used correctly, but often it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what types of customers respond favorably to certain types of messages. Video marketing is simply using video content on Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo etc. to engage your user and deliver a message. Video marketing can yield a high return on investment when you have large marketing budgets but again, seo services is going to bring you a better bang for your buck at lower monthly seo pricing in nanaimo. Blogging is content delivery to users. it takes a little creativity but a following on a blog can generate revenue for the owner, it is just a matter of figuring out a monetization scheme that makes sense. Add revenue from people who want to advertise to your users is one way to go, or affiliate partnerships where you suggest that your users visit an online store and purchase a good or a service from another vendor who in turn cuts you a commission. Honestly, there are countless ways to monetize a blog and creativity with these strategies is endless.

A huge part of internet marketing is content marketing. This is a piece of the puzzle for many of the other categories. Is your material being shared, discussed, generating leads, and making sales? Good content marketing drives users to a website, social media account, blog etc. and then persuades them to either share the message, buy something or talk about it with their friends. There are countless businesses that you can “LIKE” on Facebook that focus on content marketing heavily. They post something one day about this and then another day about that and users read them, share them etc. This is nanaimo content marketing.

Video marketing is another form that needs mention. Essentially, content that is made into a video and sent out into the social media platforms to go viral and spread awareness about a brand, channel, facebook page, person etc. Nowadays with smart phones and tablets being in every household, video is often a more appealing format for audiences to enjoy. Do you know anyone who spends 20 minutes or more a day on Facebook or YouTube watching videos? This is video marketing and its not hard to create video content, so anyone can do it. The problem is that good video marketing is hard to do and requires expensive equipment and training.

Further to this post, is Network Marketing which is the foundation of what Social Media is built on. This can include breakfast meetings with like minded professionals where you share your business offerings in a structured format. Or, simply meeting new people along the way and informing them of what your business does and what theirs is all about. Connecting with influencial people has been part of business forever, but its been reshaped recently with the creation and ease of access to social media. Linkedin is a good example of network marketing, where professionals connect and have a chance to share their business offerings.

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