Web Design Nanaimo

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123 Marketing now offers responsive web design to the residents of Nanaimo, British Columbia. With a focus on user experience and converting users to customers, 123 Marketing delivers a significant return on your investment. There are many options for web design companies out there and you need to make a good choice when building your company website.

Why Choose 123 Marketing ?!?

The team at 123 Marketing has years of practical business experience behind them. This is how we develop websites that make it easy for the user to either call, email or buy online. Some designers focus on a site that is awe inspiring and try and win 1st place in a web design contest. We would rather convert your visitors into paying customers and contribute to your bottom line.

We also feel its important to note that the architecture of a website is very important. Google doesn’t evaluate how awe inspiring a site is. Instead they look for user experience factors such as mobile compatibility, loading page speed and how easy it is for Google to crawl your site. Google also considers the organization of your website and whether you provide easy access to a sitemap and robots.txt. Often these details are not part of a designer’s skill set and are not part of the initial design. Some web design firms believe this is an Seo task. At 123 Marketing, this is something that we consider the basis of a good website.

Sadly, many of our customers end up using a web designer through a friend of a friend because we all have those. They then want their website to show up on Google when their potential customers are searching for them and end up paying for a new website with us instead.

Imagine you have beautiful show room car on the outside and a lemon under the hood. Many web designers create websites like this. We certainly aren’t saying that we are the only web design company in Nanaimo that can deliver an seo optimized website, but we do offer a well rounded maintenance and web design service at a fair price to Nanaimo businesses.

We like to work in WordPress because it has readily available plug-ins for nearly everything that you could want, and its supported by developers with regular updates, patches etc. to keep word press websites running smoothly. We also feel that the content management system or CMS is user friendly and can be used by staff or business owners with little technical knowledge of html, css, java script etc. This translates to our customers being able to change text, pricing etc. on their websites in real time whenever they like with out having to rely on a marketing company like 123 Marketing.

From an SEM or search engine marketing perspective, WordPress interacts with Google, Bing and Yahoo as good or better than the other platforms. Its also the language of over 50% of all websites, so rest assured, nothing major is going to change anytime soon. Your website is an investment, so choosing a language that will with minimal maintenance for the useful like of the website is key in keeping your overall website marketing costs down.