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WordPress Web Design and Organic SEO in Parksville

WordPress Websites and organic Search Engine Optimization


WordPress today is undoubtedly the most widely used content management system. Currently, the CMS powers 4.5% of all sites running on the internet. And if your site is one amongst these, you surely are always on a lookout for ways to increase its search traffic. While any traffic to a website is welcome, the traffic that results froman organic search benefits the business the most. You could use some plugins but they can reduce speed at which the website loads and that can put off some readers. There are ways to divert organic traffic to your site without using plugins. Let’s looks at some effective techniques to do the same:

  • The WordPress URL and the site URL needs to be set correctly to ensure that they are the same throughout the site. This is because Google considers sites with even slightly different addresses as different. Setting up the address thus ensures that there are no duplicate addresses.
  • Having an SEO friendly URL is must. Such URLs are not only easy to remember but are also favored by Google. The depth of the URL needs to be less which means lesser slashes ‘/’. Besides, post name and category name should be clearly decipherable in the URL.
  • People come to a site browsing for a keyword. The keyword needs to be inserted enough number of times in the text without overdoing it. Ideally the keyword should be placed in the first para and then repeated again in the last para. Within the rest of the text, the density should be around 2%. As an alternative you could use a semantic keyword, instead of the original one.

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7 Social Media Tips for Small Business

Seen and accepted as one of the most effects means of marketing, especially for small organizations, Social media is a tool that has generated a lot of interest in both, the business world and out of it. Social media marketing is all about making sure that the name of the organization, its products and services and the people in the business are always visible. This is usually done by creating a page for the company’s profile in the various social media like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, apart from other sites of social media networking. This helps to generate a platform where the business as well as the people involved, meet up and interact with others, discuss improvements, and sometimes even resolve concerns related to the business. Images of events, declaration of a new launch, or delivering of social responsibilities are all very elaborately put up on the social media page which can greatly help an organization in its marketing process. However, to ensure that this technique is successful, some of these tips would help:

Appoint somoene to handle the social media page in order to be updated with all information, competitors and consumer’s likes and dislikes.

All sites should be updated real time, so that there is no delay in passing on the information.

Make sure that the posting of information is done on a daily basis and that it is interesting and fun.

Make the pages attractive with competitions, and contests that make people spend more time on the page.

Let there be a personal flavor to the page with personal opinions and viewpoints mentioned.

Since, it’s a small business, it has a lot of space to grow so make the page bigger so it reflects a bigger business.

Link each and every page on the various social media sites to the business website.

Create The Best First Impression

The impression your website creates will make the visitors form an opinion about your products or services.

It goes without saying therefore, that you must endeavor to create the right first impression with your website. With our web design Nanaimo services, we help you create the right first impression that will make your visitors glued to your website and make them like your products or services instantly.

What is the Google Zoo? An Inside Look at Rank Brain.

Google Zoo comprises Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. These are essentially algorithms written to evaluate a website.They work on different principles than the notions that were popular earlier and as a result, there is a significant reduction in traffic to some sites. Those who hired a marketing agency to increase SEO activity on their site, might realize how the techniques that they employed are not showing any results.

Google uses complex algorithms to home onto positive and negative influences on your site. These algorithms are regularly updated to improve the user experience. Along with this, Google also uses a machine-learning artificial intelligence system Rank Brain that sorts through the search results.

Google Panda

Introduced in 2012, Panda analyzes web data by judging the quality of content on the web page. It encourages websites whose content is unique and relevant rather than those with repetition of keywords. It keeps a check on the percentage of people who view a webpage including time they spend there. The idea is to have content that is informative as well as interesting to read.

Google Penguin

This algorithm checks the quality of links to your website. Having a number of websites linking back to your website may lead to link spam which can adversely affect it’s ranking. A drop in organic traffic from May 2013 can be attributed to Penguin. The solution lies in removing the bad links and building on the good ones.

Google Hummingbird

Hummingbird is Google’s Search Algorithm. Unlike Penguin and Panda that affect the traffic on the site, this is a boon for websites with quality content. The content that answers questions like ‘how to’ or ‘what is’ is preferred. A detailed FAQ page, a blog answering queries, interviews, ‘how to ‘ videos etc can have effective results.

If you’re concerned about improving the search ranking for your site, having a thorough knowledge about Google Zoo is imperative. To learn more about improving your site’s SEO, get in touch with us today.

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What is Local SEO and Why You Need It?

Local SEO is very important from the aspect of local marketing through web. It can promote the local businesses and their services by giving products/services to the customers in a particular area. It also uses search engines like Google to get the services promoted to the best businesses in an area.

Local SEO reaches towards the local customers when they have need for your services and are ready to buy it. These customers are ‘Actual Customers’ having real need of the particular business services. Your website will be a way for them to reach towards you.

Need of Local Businesses

1) Local customers look on internet for local business

The rate of local customers using search engines and directories has increased. Every 6 out of 10 people will look forward to these results to get the required products/services.

2) Timely and Targeted

Local search engines promote the business to localized customers and target them exclusively for the things they require.

3) High Conversion rates

Local directory marketing is better than the traditional ad options and fetches more opportunities for business owners than the conventional ways of marketing.

4) Mobile apps usage

Customers are finding it easy to find the local businesses with mobile apps and mobile devices. You can’t miss a potential customer by getting a presence on their mobile.

5) Better ROI

Local SEO is cost effective and efficient. It will generate better revenues for local businesses.

6) Google Places listings

Some local businesses have still not got grips on search engines. You can strike the competitors and target locales by listing your website on Google and other major search engines. It is free to register and an effective marketing tool.

7) Less readers for local newspapers

There are less people who read local newspapers at present. Majority is turning towards internet to find local news and get best local deals and business information.

5 Tips for Launching Your Website

Website Launching Tips – Get Your Website Flying Off to ROI

If you are ready with a new website having great products or services to offer, it is the time to think about website launch to attract target visitors to your website. It might be uncertain and scary moment for entrepreneurs, business owners and bloggers; when it comes to launching the new website.

This piece of text is meant for covering the best website launching tips to get immediate traffic to your website. You can learn the most effective ways to get higher SERPs by building long term and sustainable traffic.

  • Start with a professional Press Release
    Press release is a powerful way to get the news spread across the internet news channels. It can attract new visitors to the website, generate market awareness and organically generates in-bound SEO links. Launch your website with the highly professional Press Release via personal email across major news channels (Google News, Yahoo News etc).
  • PPC Campaigning
    Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign can be the most effective way to generate sustainable traffic and do search engine advertising. Studies reveal that advertisers get high ROI from PPC in comparison to the other forms of ads. You need to bring all the things together to make sure that the website visitors convert into sales.
  • Launching a Free Blog
    After the PPC campaigning, you can build natural presence on search engines with Blogging. ‘Blog and Ping’ method can create backlinks to the website and attracts high traffic. Start your blog and submit its RSS feed to the RSS feed submission websites & blog directories. On an average, at least 3 blogs per week will help in increasing the traffic.
  • Submit high-end articles
    Content is the king and publishing the unique content is the best online marketing strategy. It can generate one-way in-bound links and attract genuine visitors to your website. Investing a few hours a day with these marketing techniques will boost up the presence of your newly launched website.


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E-Commerce Web Design for your Joomla or Word Press Site

With many years of experience as web design services company, 123 Marketing offers several coding options for your custom ecommerce website design. We start with a .psd or Photoshop document and then convert it to Word Press or Joomla or HTML. From there we use languages like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Big Commerce, Squarespace, Volusion, 3D Cart and Open Source.

Our team of expert ecommerce web design professionals can help you choose the best platform for your industry and business.

Often, we devise a strategy that incorporates what your competitors are using and ties into your end goal. We also take into account how often you upload new products or services as some of the platforms are more user friendly than others and you may even be able to do this on your own with out the help of a web design services company.


Some of these solutions offer fantastic invoicing and reports and others are user friendly with an intuitive user interface that will lead to higher customer satisfaction and conversion rates.

At the end of the day, you need to choose a web designer who you can communicate with easily and you feel that you will have success working with. If you read our reviews, you will find that we one of the top rated local web design firms locally.


We feel that you will also want to make sure that the web design company that you choose is also an seo services company.

Getting your website built by someone who is not an seo professional is simply foolish. There are countless strategies in website architecture that only internet marketing companies who also do search engine optimisation could even begin to utilize on your behalf.

Why not get 123 Marketing on board for your next digital marketing ecommerce website?

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