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Should You Place your Pricing on Your Website?

At 123 Marketing we are generally in favor of posting pricing on websites when possible. We totally understand this is controversial but we are also very good at what we do. By posting your pricing online, you are pre-qualifying your users so that calls, emails and email opt ins are likely going to be more fruitful. You are essentially qualifying your users by weeding out the resource draining lookylieus who drag down your sales team performance.

Yes, your competitors will also be able to see your pricing, but does it really matter? With a strong internet marketing plan combined with seo optimized website architecture, your users are going to find your beautiful website, with a clear path for them to call, email or “opt-in” and then you are going to wow them with personalized customer service and professionalism. Why would they shop around?

Also, you can generalize your pricing so that the user still needs to call and find out about their custom solution. For example, if you have packages with lots of options likely a price range is pretty reasonable to put on your website. Customers see the price range and it weeds out the people who were never going to be customers anyways. If your pricing scares away your actual customers, something isn’t quite right about your business model. We prefer being upfront with pricing and expectations because it shouldn’t be a secret. Often good companies can charge more than their competitors because they back it up with customer experience and service excellence.

As an Sherwood Park web design company we work with you to create a website that delivers a consistent message, qualifies your potential customers and gets them to call, email or purchase from you. We consider your marketing an extension of our own and we look forward to delivering results.


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Cole Merkley

123 marketing has been instrumental in generating a lot of new business for us. They took over our website design project when another company didn’t produce as promised, finished the project and delivered us a brilliant website completely on time and on budget. We subsequently hired them for our SEO needs and we are now really seeing a substantial return on our investment. I’d also like to mention that dealing with NIkolas is always a positive experience – he knows his stuff, is professional, trustworthy and will work tirelessly to get you the results you need. As a small business owner, I respect integrity, honesty and value for your money and it was a relief to finally find a marketing company that delivered in those area as well. Thank you Nikolas and 123 marketing!

Lisa Denham

Thanks to Nikolas and team for getting my website to show up on Google. What a difference that has made on my business.

Ewan Robertson

Thanks to Nikolas and Team for the wonderful job they did on my website. I can’t believe it only cost what it did. The other guys quoted me so much higher. I will be using you guys again soon.


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We are a Web design and search engine optimization services, marketing company based in Canada, specializing in providing first-class professional marketing strategies for Small to medium-sized businesses that want to cut costs and increase efficiency. We ensure that the experience is fun and affordable and that we bring our clients’ visions to live.

With almost everybody searching for the products and services they want on the internet, getting a business website will take your business to a higher level. We’ve been doing Web design and search engine optimization services professionally for many years. We know that when it comes down to Search Engine Optimization that not all seo companies are created equal.

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