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For your business to become visible online a website is a must and 123Marketing Internet marketing agency is the name you can trust for the same.When you hire for 123Marketing designing your website, you can be assured that the resultant design is unique and eye catching.However, for a website to be successful, your website should also rank high on the search engine. Some of the ways of ensuring this are:

Treating Content Like a Real King

Content that contains keywords to highlight the theme of the text are a must. It should always be easy to read and understand. The end user should be targeted while writing the text and not the search engine. Ensure that the content is evergreen so the readers keep coming back to the site. Updating the content at regular intervals also help boosting your sites search rankings.

Be Known

Make your presence felt on the various social media channels. You will have to experiment to find out which sites work best for your business but it is worth the effort. You need to create your business profile with contact details. You can also start a blog. You can share links to your page on other websites and also share other web links on your page. By setting up Google local listing you can work towards boosting your ranking the local search results.

Meaningful Address

The site URL and permalinks should not be complex. They need to be simple. A reader should be able to understand what the page is about by looking at its URL. Similarly, with permalinks, the search engine needs only the first few letters of the link so it makes more sense to make it easy to remember.

Keep Competition in mind

Always try to find out what the top ranked sites in your line of business are doing that’s getting them more traffic. This includes both onsite and offsite. Evaluate their online presence and keep an eye on their PPC and content marketing efforts.

Being mindful about these basic SEO tips can help you to a great extent in improving the SE rank of your website.

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5 Website Designing Tips That Have an Effect On Your Results

A well designed website has definite impact on its success and consequently, increases your business rate. In fact, it plays a crucial role to determine the ranking of the website on major search engines.

SEO experts mark the website design as the primary requirement to rank well on search engines. You will be able to generate better ROI with your website design concepts. Business owners look forward to the most preferred web design ideas having positive impact on SERPs.

Here are discussed 5 well researched Website Design tips, which can attract organic traffic, improve website browsing experience and turn your website as a hardworking employee for you.

1) Replace background images with CSS3 background gradients

The idea of using the hefty background images is outdated as it affects the speed of your website. Background images can be easily replaced with attractive and contemporary styling with CSS3 gradients. It can be done easily by using a graphical interface based cross platform in your favorite CSS.

2) Optimized Images

Optimization of your images with text will fetch better results on search engines. The image size should be kept small for faster loading. Include keywords in header images, graphics, buttons (on every page) and logo images in alt image text.

3) Responsive Web Design

Responsive design is well recommended by Google. This will enable the website to perform in the most favorable way on multiple devices. There will be a single URL of the responsive website for mobile and main website and the need will be to drive links to one URL. It increases back links naturally.

4) Be Careful WithJavaScripts

Website design should not make use of JavaScripts for the whole website design. Javascript doesn’t go well with some mobile devices. The use of excess Javascript also creates crawling issues.

5) Quick Navigation

The website should be easy to navigate for users and of course, the search engines. Users should easily find out the required details on visiting your website. Navigation bar should be placed on the left margin or the topmost side of the page.

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