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Victoria Internet Marketing for your Practice

Could your professional practice use some Victoria Internet Marketing services to bring in new clients and let you focus on activities that generate cash flow? At 123 Marketing we offer internet marketing strategies to practitioners, dentists, denturists, optometrists, lawyers and other professionals.

One key factor to consider when choosing a Victoria Internet Marketing Company is whether or not you can reach the professionals when its convenient for you. Many large companies have layers of support staff that don’t have the answers that you need when you call. Often, you have to wait for a call back and this can be frustrating for professionals who want answers on your schedule.

At Internet Marketing Victoria BC, we pride ourselves on being available when our customers need us. We don’t have layers of support staff to deal with and we work hard to make happy website marketing customers. When you choose to deal with a Victoria seo company like 123 Marketing, you can expect calls returned within 24 hours and often within 60 minutes during business hours.

What does an Internet Marketing Company in Victoria do? The answer is simple, we drive traffic to your website, telephone and ultimately improve your bottom line. We create powerful content for your digital marketing platforms that attract, engage and persuade your audience to pick up the phone and book an appointment with you. We work 24/7/365 and often can show you a return on investment of five to ten times your marketing investment. So for every dollar you might spend with a Victoria Internet Marketing Company, you would see $5 to $10 in revenue. In some industries we see a 20x multiplier, it all depends on how your target audience searches for practitioners in your industry.

Lawyers, dentists, doctors, optometrists, denturists and accountants often get most of their business from word of mouth. But, a growing segment of business is steadily increasing year after year and coming from Internet Marketing Companies in Victoria BC like 123 Marketing. The way that we like to look at hiring a web design and internet marketing company is that we should be able to generate significant revenue to justify our fees. In fact, we should pay for ourselves month after month. This is why we don’t have contracts in our Victoria internet marketing pricing plans and we give you monthly reporting to show you exactly what your digital marketing budget is delivering.

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Smaller Market? We inexpensive seo packages for small business marketing

We have packages starting at $99 per month. Our most common package is $599 per month. Choosing your package this is up to you. If you had a $1000 budget, we could definitely give you faster results.

One of the things about working with us, is that we are looking to deliver “Bang for your buck” and we feel that a $599 seo package is probably good enough for smallest markets long-term. We will happily work harder and faster for your results with a larger budget if you prefer but many practitioners we use, are happy with the results from this low end package. $999 is the next step up and yes, this is a better package

Create The Best First Impression

The impression your website creates will make the visitors form an opinion about your products or services.

It goes without saying therefore, that you must endeavor to create the right first impression with your website. With our web design Nanaimo services, we help you create the right first impression that will make your visitors glued to your website and make them like your products or services instantly.

We are an Seo and Digital Marketing Company that Engineers Valuable Content

At Seo Victoria, we feel that content marketing is a key ingredient in a successful digital marketing campaign. No longer can you trick Google with “black-hat” techniques like stuffing a page full of keywords with out context and spamming other websites for links. Its simply not that easy anymore. Google and other search engines are getting better at measuring quality of content marketing and hiring a Digital Marketing Company in Victoria that can deliver copywriting, content and sales copy that engages readers and retains them for future service offerings is key.

At Seo Victoria BC we offer content marketing services that aim to maximize your search engine optimisation results and still look and sound like a fusion between academic writing and business copywriting. We dot our “I’s” and cross our “T’s” so that you can be rest assured that your website marketing, social media and search engine optimization are all being amplified to their full potential and still supporting your brand which is a reflection of you.

When you hire our Seo Victoria Company, we deliver technical copy writing, sales copy and content marketing that is hard to beat. We basically engineer your internet marketing plan to include certain percentages of keywords, fillers and what we call “theme words”. If you are a denturist in Victoria, BC we might have theme words like dentures, denture office, denture clinic etc. These words are related to the industry and add value to the writing from a Victoria Seo Company perspective, but they are not exact match keywords. ( See our case study of Westshore Denture Clinic here )

If you want to get your phone ringing and schedule filled right up, hire Seo Victoria to create content marketing that offers a return on investment for your internet marketing budget.

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Seo Web Design for Professionals

For a Web Design Victoria company that can really deliver for your business, we recommend 123 Marketing. Its not enough to have a visually appealing website and sit back and wait for the phone to ring. At Web Design Victoria, we engineer websites with search engine optimized architecture and use formulas for keywords that maximize your search engine rankings with completely “white-hat” seo methods.

For example, did you know that adding a map with an address is beneficial for your web design in Victoria BC? Or that your homepage is a power page and needs to be rich with carefully engineered content marketing strategies to be successful? We also carefully craft an internal linking structure that enhances the way that Google and other search engines crawl your website.

For most of our customers, they are very good at what they do. For example, we have lawyers and denturists who are leaders in their industry. Before hiring Web Design Victoria, they used a “back-yard type web designer” that is a friend-of-a-friend. After paying a large fee to that designer, their phone isn’t ringing and the website constantly needs maintenance and the designer all of a sudden is hard to get a hold of. Once, we get involved, we have to explain to them that a good Web Design Victoria company would do things in a completely different way and that they need to replace their website to get results.

Why not get 123 Marketing on board for your next digital marketing ecommerce website?

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