On page optimization is simply making sure that your website is set up in a way that allows Google and other search engines to crawl your website effectively. For example, each page on your website has the option to put title tags, meta tags, image tags etc. But for many websites on the web, these options are not being used. So, essentially you are missing out on ranking factors by not having a complete website.

Each and every page of your website should have a particular goal. 123MARKETING works on actual HTML code, keyword placement, website architecture, meta tags and website content to provide you a better on page optimization. Using 123MARKETING will enable your website to score higher on Google, Yahoo and Bing and ultimately increase your website traffic, phone calls and sales.

We optimize the various factors which contribute to successful on page search engine optimization:

Meta Tags Optimization: We ensure that the meta description of your website includes a brief and informative description. The description must mainly focus on the services and areas your company deals with. It works as a selling snippet for your products which, if found attractive, encourages the reader to view the website and products.

HTML Tags: With the use of certain HTML tags, we allow you to highlight those specific areas which you want your readers to look at. Search engines consider the header tags [h1] [h2] [h3], Bold, Italic and many more, of utmost importance. These tags are extremely vital to define the important sections of your website.

Title Optimization: The most important website optimization element is the title tag. For this optimization make sure that it is short and descriptive enough as it will let the readers identify your business quickly. When done properly in combination with other factors this creates an extremely strong ranking signal with search engines like Google. We provide you with an appealing and interesting title tag which will rank you above the plethora of other similar websites.

Link Optimization: We ensure a better navigation of your website visitors by the optimization of your internal and external outbound links.

Keyword Optimization: By the use of synonyms and less use of keywords, we optimize the keywords of your web content. The optimization of your website content is done to make it suitable for your search engines and readers. We help you maintain a balance between the content and usage of certain words.

Image Optimization: We optimize the plethora of images on your website to enable the search engine to read them. Use of some special tags is advised to provide some meaning to the images.

Share Documents: You can brand your website by sharing your site documents such as business documents, information brochures. Your web slides can be shared in Slide Share and Google Docs.

123 Marketing can help you optimize your website with step-to-step optimization to make it more interesting and appealing.

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