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Built Contracting Ltd.

custom WordPress portfolio website for builders

In this ecommerce project we wanted to show case the clients’ portfolio of building projects. We made every field in the website editable by non-technical staff and this website is now a living portfolio ready for changes whenever a new project starts or finishes. We used a custom WordPress theme with Advanced Custom Fields and Visual Composer and minimal plugins for increased performance and stability. This website was built in about 90 days because of delays waiting for images.

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Servant Sex Toys

custom ecommerce website for adult toys

In this sexy project we were tasked with improving the user experience of clients and the administrators of the website. With two kinds of inventory that needs to be kept separate, we created parallel shops where custom products could be made to order and ready-made for products that are ready to ship. Features include mass mailing options, custom email templates, proof integration and allowing for easy adding and editing of products. We also customized the check out process to include as few clicks as possible and the best response for all devices and browsers. We made this site in Code Igniter with 100% custom code in about 60 days.

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Muse Glass Inc

custom ecommerce website for handmade jewelry

In this web project, we crowd sourced the design and gave the client 20 options to choose from. During this process, we saw several great designs and the final design that was chosen included licensing professional images. We then took the design and brought it to life in this Code Igniter custom PHP website. There were challenges because the client sells wholesale and that message is hard to convey in a traditional website environment. We are super happy with the finished website and the client has recently been approached by large hotel chains to carry their pendants and earrings. We built this site in about 90 days.

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Lisa Denham Law Office

custom WordPress website for a real estate lawyer

In this legal website, we wanted to add a friendly undertone to a traditionally dry and unemotional service. We created the tagline “Lisa Can Help You With That” and proceeded to answer questions that users might have through out the site. Although, only on phase one, this site has a huge ecommerce expansion in the works for wills creation and ordering online. We also synched up the form submissions from this site with OptinMonster and Mail Chimp so that every new lead also builds the email list for marketing automation later. This custom WordPress website was completed in about 45 days with the use of Advanced Custom Fields, Visual Composer and Yoast Seo.

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Dispensary Website

custom ecommerce website for a dispensary

This site is currently in development but will be a complete ecommerce solution with a custom php framework. We have made it possible for non-technical staff to add, edit or delete products at ease and for customers to enjoy a seamless check out process including upgrade options and requests for a call back. Our dispensary marketing options also add a powerful punch and include mass emailing with a few clicks, review requests and product pages that share the details of that strain in way that user can both see and understand. We are super proud of our dispensary website design and should launch in time for legalization in October.

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Trash King

custom WordPress website for national bin rental company

In this recycling and garbage bin rental website, we were tasked with creating a directory style database where certain pages displayed certain phone numbers and generated forms sent to specific emails to represent this companies’ various regional offices. For seo we had to make sure that all existing 500+ pages were represented with either a 301 redirect or a new page with similar information on it so that no pages cached in Google were lost. This was a monster task for our testing team and it took nearly 60 days to test and ensure that all existing search engine ranks were kept. This massive website was built with a custom WordPress theme, Advanced Custom Fields, Visual Composer and Yoast Seo Premium. We used a minimal number of plugins to increase stability and speed. This project took six months to complete.

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J&R Excavation & Demolition Ltd.

custom WordPress website for a stone slinger and excavation company

For this earthworks contractor, we built a custom WordPress website that is easily editable their in-house staff. We also integrated Instagram so that images uploaded to the social media platform also generate on the Instagram feed on the homepage. We made every field on this website editable and pages can be generated very easily by non-technical staff. This website is currently generating significant traffic for its owners and they are a leader in their space in the Metro Vancouver area. We used a custom theme on WordPress with Advanced Custom Fields, Visual Composer and Yoast Seo with minimal other plugins for increased stability and performance.

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Princesses In The Park

custom WordPress website for a student led party service

For this website design, we used a simple approach where images can be easily changed and modified by non-technical staff in the future making. We focused on telling the story of the student entrepreneur behind the company and showcasing both her services and coverage from media outlets. We used a custom WordPress theme with Visual Composer and Advanced Custom fields for this website and completed the project in about 30 days.

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Tap-Roots Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

custom WordPress website for plumbing contractors

For this plumbing and heating website we had to put seo standards to the test by ensuring that all existing search engine ranks were maintained. The clients marketing landscape is hyper competitive, and we didn’t want to give up any of the progress that we have made in the last few years. The website is easy to edit and focuses on delivering an intense amount of content in an easy to understand and display design. We built this site with a custom WordPress theme, Visual Composer and Advanced Custom Fields for a reliable, stable and easy to edit website for years to come.

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Westshore Denture Clinic

custom WordPress website for a denture practice

For this denturist website, we took an existing design the client had and modified it to include more interlinks, access to reviews and larger fonts for easier reading for the elderly clientele. We also focused on an seo driven strategy to remove all possible errors on the site and to maximize content and keyword optimisation. This site is lightning fast and is ranked one of the top denturist websites on Vancouver Island. This website was built in about 30 days as it was really just a make over of an existing design.

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Island Locks

Template WordPress website for a dreadlocks installer

This website was an economical choice for its grass roots owners looking for an online presence that doesn’t break the bank. We took an existing website structure and edited the pictures, images and files to deliver a WordPress website that will last for years to come. The client can edit all fields and is easily able to add or delete pages, content and images.

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Artistry Esthetics

custom WordPress website for a tanning and waxing salon

This was our first WordPress website that we did in 2015. We used premium photographs from a local photographer and created an edgy set of slogans such as “Fur is For Puppies” and “Hair is for Horses” with accompanying images. We also took a risk and created pages specifically for men and used a slogan “Live Life By Your Rules” to deliver a website that for the year was very ahead of its time. This website currently generates 1200 unique users per month and is a driving force behind the owner’s revenue. We took about 90 days to complete this website and its been basically bulletproof ever since with zero down-time or maintenance required.

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