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Look, I am going to level with you. When you purchase a website, you are only buying a percentage of what you need to get ranking on Google and delivering your business a return on investment. The industry chooses not to disclose this because it serves their interests better than the alternative.

For example, if a customer has a budget of $1500 for a new website, its in the web design companies best interest to get that $1500 as soon as possible. If the truth was told to that customer that in fact the web designers needed $2500 to actually deliver a fully working website that would bring a return on investment to its owners, then that might delay the website designing process until the business found the additional $1000.

So, what marketing companies do is separate the fees for web designing into initial website design and search engine optimisation. It is the opinion of 123 Marketing that these categories do exist but the initial website should cost $2500 and actually do what it is supposed to.

What does the extra $1000 cover exactly?

For your website to be effective, it needs to have keyword research conducted to determine monthly search volumes for keywords that relate to its business. To do this right for a small market would cost $200 from an inexpensive marketing company like 123 Marketing ( could go as high as $5000 for a big market from a different marketing company ).

Once the keywords have been determined, the content on the site needs to be engineered to reflect those keywords. Certain repetition thresholds need to be met and variations of the keywords need to be present. ( $200 for analysis + more for content if required )

Also, the title tags and meta descriptions need to be created to match the content and keyword strategy. If your keyword of choice is “Sushi Restaurant City” then your content should say that and your title tags should match. ( $10 per page ) This is special information that is coded to show Google what your page is about. It also is used as a snippet for people who find your website online and see a snippet of what your website has to offer to potential suitors.

Next, we need to register your site with Google Analytics. This process involves creating a central GMAIL account and linking it to your website. We also link your website to Google Search Console and then link the analytics account to the search console account. Once integrated, you can track which search results result in the most clicks to your website. ( $100 )

So that is $600 plus additional content for a 15-page website. Every website needs fresh content to be effective, so add in $400 for 4 new pages of keyword rich and engaging content to improve your web ranking against your competitors. Professional writing delivers a higher return on investment than DIY ( do it yourself ) style writing unless your team has that skillset sitting idle and ready for use.

So there you have it. A $1500 website doesn’t get the job done, and that you need a $2500 website to actually start scoring on Google, Bing and delivering your owners a return on investment.

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