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123 Marketing is a company that delivers exceptional digital marketing content and strategies for businesses in Nanaimo BC. We understand how important the online marketing strategy for a small business is. Typically, a website, Facebook page and Google Business listing comprise a basis to build upon for Nanaimo internet marketing.

123 Marketing takes a very simplistic approach to Nanaimo digital marketing. For small business especially, start ups, there is a very different set of ideas to maximize value because often the budgets are smaller which require creativity. For example, spending countless hours updating a Facebook page when a small business could be building their customer base, typically isn’t going to be worth the effort. Instead we recommend a simple page with regular updates and lightning fast responses to clients who post, message etc. on there. In terms of a website, we recommend plain language and a focus on user experience with a funnel that drives users to send an email or call. We also recommend a focus on local seo in the form of a Google Business Listing. This is that maps section listing that you see every time you search online for “pet rocks Nanaimo.” From that basis, a small business can start to strategize where the best bang for your buck is going to come from. Services like “seo Nanaimo” would benefit your business but can you afford a monthly payment that will make a splash in your market? These are questions that the search engine optimisation professionals at 123 Marketing can help you determine. In Nanaimo seo budgets are often smaller than in big cities like Vancouver or Toronto so generally, we recommend some sort of seo package for businesses looking for the next step in their digital marketing plan.

If you have a medium or large sized business your digital marketing approach is going to be very different. Likely you would have an organic base of followers on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest account and it may very well be fruitful to invest time, money and energy into social media marketing. You are also going to want search engine optimisation from a Nanaimo seo company like 123 Marketing. Often, this is the best “bang for your buck” in your marketing budget. An email marketing strategy might be beneficial to your Nanaimo business as well. With each client that you serve, you can ask for an “opt in” to send them emails periodically as you create them. As your list builds often this is effective was to boost sales during targeted times of year. For example, some Nanaimo businesses use email marketing to offset their slow season by reminding existing customers about their services and offering a deal of some sort to get them to purchase.

We consider four keys to the success of digital marketing.

Management of customer relationships through digital and conventional channels.

Engage your customer and make sure to respond and initiate customer relations.

Make decisions using the data that is collected from your digital marketing.

Consistency in Branding through out the marketing platforms.

When you choose to support a local digital marketing company in Nanaimo like 123 Marketing you are supporting local professionals who offer better results for your business. Call 1-855-343-5666 now to discuss what the best Nanaimo web design company can bring to your firm.

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