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A key technique for online promotion, search engine optimization ( SEO ) and internet marketing is link building. There are several factors that contribute to making it effective.

What is link building?

Link building is creating a network of websites that connect to your website. Each connection is essentially a vote for your website to being important, relevant and worth visiting. Think of your Facebook account. When you post something on your page for others to see, you are essentially linking to that website, YouTube video, image etc. It’s the exact same concept on the web. Each website that links to your website gives Google a signal that your site is worth looking at.

Link building is that art and science of getting other websites to link to your website.

Is any link a good link?

No! Google is continually evolving and working towards being smarter and ultimately more fair to websites when assigning search engine rankings. This means that the tricks of ten years ago are not going to work anymore. For example, there are new factors that evaluate websites. Domain Authority ( DA ) and Page Authority ( PA) have replaced Page Rank ( PR ). These factors take into consideration how long a website has earned rankings on Google and how relevant and up to date the content on the website is.

If you were to add simply any backlink to your website, it would not be very relevant. A doctor who is located in Calgary, Alberta would not want a trucking company from Portland, Oregon linking to his site. There is no relevance and the link may be considered spam. However, a blog on women’s health linking to the doctor’s website would likely be a nice addition to the link building strategy.

For link building in Edmonton, AB we are an excellent option for business owners. We source and add high quality back links to your site that will enable Google to give your website the rankings it deserves. Not all links are created equal. For example, if your website is a lawyer in Edmonton, Alberta we would not want to link a farming blog from Russia because its relevance is low and Google may see the link as spam. Google is a very smart creature and often to be seen well in the eyes of Google, you just have to do what makes sense.

Here are some of the advantages of using an search engine optimization company ( SEO COMPANY ) to build your website:

Increased visibility from maximizing the way that Google crawls your website and ultimately ranks the site on search terms

Balancing the ease of user experience which results in good conversion rates with the artisan and scientific methods that attract rankings from Google

Tailoring your website to earn rankings on certain “bang for your buck” keywords that have the lowest competition and fastest return on investment

Benefiting from decreased bounce rates as your website is viewed by relevant users who are actually looking for your services

Starting with an SEO optimized website gives you a faster ROI on your marketing spend

A good website with relevant content and user friendly navigation is the building blocks to success. We specialize in building a captivating website, but we also believe in getting it to the top of search engine rankings, which involves both the art and science of link building.

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