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Owning a business and making it work is not easy, a lot of challenges come with the online marketing. Local search results are changing much faster than ever and becoming more and more important.

What is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimisation ( local SEO ) is simply marketing online that is geo targeted to your region of the country. For example, a web design company in Edmonton, AB might want to have local SEO done in Edmonton to attract customers in Edmonton, AB. Google Maps and Bing Business are examples of local marketing. These accounts service a certain kilometer radius from their offices and show up when people in those areas are searching for services.

You require a Local SEO if your business has a physical location or you deliver doorstep services to your customers. You want to determine which elements are poorly optimized on your website &to have an understanding of the value that your website brings to search results. Local SEO will help you to optimize your website to provide good local search results. With Local SEO, you will be able to position your business among local customers.

123 Marketing is the right web developer which can help you to set up your website to rank it higher in Google. Local search results happen to appear spontaneously, for which Google requires knowing the exact location of your business and what services you provide. Our web developers provide exact information to Google and ensure your appearance in the local search results. Often, this practice can bring in a huge return on investment and have very high conversion rates.


Local SEO Strategy

Many factors contribute to a prosperous local search strategy. We work on those several major elements of typical Local SEO Strategy:

Website: Local customers visit a company’s website several times before starting with the search engine of the website and prior to buying. We help you make your website relevant and easy for the local customers to search you.

Citations: Local businesses are constantly challenged to differentiate between good and bad advice. Our citation tool brings you out of this problem and lets you identify the sources that search engines use. It improves the visibility of your website to the local customers.

Customer Reviews: The next most important ranking factor is customer reviews. We show you strategies to achieve customer reviews. Once you know the strategies, you will receive both positive and negative comments.

Reviews are an essential part of Local SEO and getting more customers. It’s obvious that the customers take a look at the reviews about your business before getting an insight into the website. We help you get positive reviews for your business by setting a review page on your website, by creating a review handout &by handing the card to every customer and asking for a review. Our web developers aim at ranking your site among the top local search engines.

In conclusion, Local SEO is one of the best bang for your buck marketing ideas a business can make. Let 123MARKETING take all the hassle out of this process for you and call 1-855-343-5666 now to find out how you can benefit from local SEO.

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