Competitive Markets: Plumbers & HVAC


Increasing Web Leads from Organic Search by 400% We dont really get what these guys do for us, but our numbers tell a story that we do understand.


Plumbing Company X Provides Service Calls & New Installation Estimates to End Users The plumbing company in our case study wanted to increase their business to consumer market for service calls and new installations.

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99% Increase Coming Soon

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Our Solution

1 Path Of Least Resistance

We used careful keyword analysis to isolate low hanging fruit and take smaller niche specific terms.

2 Competitor Analysis

We constantly look for new competitor link building opportunities. Why re-create the wheel when we can improve upon other strategies.

3 Underperforming Search Terms

Through click rate analysis and analytics we fine tune our keyword strategy for optimal output.

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Web Designing

A new simpler version of this site is underway. Version 1 design for this website incorporated a joining of two separate domains. We actually got this contract in part because we came up with a pre-emptive solution to a potential black hat SEO practice. Search engines do not permit you to have multiple websites for the same company. Yes, we know this has been going on since 56K modems were the data transfer standard. But, its only a matter of time until Google and Bing come up with a formula to penalize companies flooding the search results with multiple websites. We merged the domains with dual branding and closed that risk for our client.

Search Engine Optimisation

Plumbing in any city is a very competitive online marketplace. After the initial website launch, we found that Google took a fairly long time to re-index the site. This is something that is an unknown when you relaunch a website and add a significant amount of content. We are seeing slow and steady improvements on all keywords and plan to be on the first page of Google within the year for this customer’s geo targeted industry.

Maps Listing SEO

The Google Business listings for this customer were not maintained and had fallen through the cracks. With our local search engine optimisation solutions, we have it scoring regularly on mid-level search terms. We anticipate slow and steady increases into ranking competitively for the big search terms in their industry.

User Attracting Content

We have been a part of creating custom search engine ranking themed content for this customer. This is when a scientist meets an artist with a plumbing ticket. We take pride in delivering content that is unique, engaging and technically sound.

SMM – Social Media Analysis

This firm plans to expand is social networking reach in the near future. There is a good chance that certain services would be a good candidate for seasonal specials that could be easily delivered over a medium like Twitter or Facebook


The new version of this site is something special. Carefully designed to deliver simplicity in user experience. Our team spent many hours engineering this plumbing marketing concept.

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