Search Engine Optimisation


What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short, is improving the chances that your website will show up in Google when your target customer is looking for the goods or services that you sell.

How do you do Search Engine Optimization?

Engines like Google don’t provide a formula for success. Instead, they have secret algorithms that are changing constantly and the market is left to adapt and overcome.

There are several conventional ways to improve your SEO. The first is to start with on-site optimization which essentially makes sure that your website is doing everything it can to be easily read and understood by Google and your users.

There is some back end strategy choosing the titles of your pages and ensuring the content of the website related to the titles.

The second is through off-site link building where we build a spider web of links, which traditionally has been the internet’s way of ranking websites. If more people are linking to a website then it is probably a more relevant website and search engines like Google will put it ahead of others with fewer links.

Spending money on search engine optimization will increase the amount of traffic and visitors to your website. If your website is designed effectively, that usually translates into calls, emails and more revenue.

As with any marketing expense, we recommend continually evaluating whether SEO is actually improving your bottom line or not. We don’t believe in doing things just because you have always done them that way in the past or because someone tells you to.

Can you Guarantee Results?

We are not in the business of guaranteeing results. There is no cookie cutter recipe for success in this business. Instead, we use quantitative analysis to track and measure changes in rankings and conversions. Every month, we give you a report that shows you what your SEO spending is doing for you.

What we can tell you, is that on average our customers find that spending money on SEO is their best bang-for-the-buck way to spend their marketing budget.

Does SEO Last Forever?

SEO that we provide is done through white hat methods that continue to last even if you cancel your subscription. But, keep in mind, if your competitors are spending money on SEO then you will likely see a decrease in rankings, because your competition is improving and you are remaining the same. Google also like to see a website that is constantly updating and changing. Which newspaper would you rather read…Yesterdays? Or Today’s?

We recommend that you find a budget that makes sense for your business over the long run. We can track the progress that you are making and evaluate if the process is benefiting you to maximize your return on investment for your marketing budget.

What we offer you is simple solutions that aim to be the best bang-for-your-buck in the marketplace.

We pride ourselves on providing solutions to businesses. We give you

How much will SEO Benefit my business?

If you work out what benefit you receive per paying customer, so for example if your average sale is $1000 and you make 40% profit on that sale then for every paying customer you bring in you make approximately $400.

If you can bring in 10 customers per month from a $599 search engine optimization package, you are bringing in $4000 towards the bottom line for a measly cost of $599.

So for every dollar on search engine optimization, you are bringing in $16.69 in revenue and $6.67 in net profit. That’s a good ratio. We challenge you to find other marketing that has that strong of a return for such a low monthly investment.

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