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Don’t Have The Time To Scour The Internet Looking For Keyword Research Tools? No Worries, We Are Expert Keyword Researchers And Help You Choose The Path Of Least Resistance And The Biggest Bang For Your Marketing Buck.


Are Your Title Tags Carefully Engineered with SEO Keyword Research?

This is one of the most overlooked tasks in building a website and copywriting today.

We can offer you top-notch keyword research to ensure that the content on your website gears your company for the best chance at success with the search engines.

If you select this option and purchase copywriting for your website, we can write “themed” pages so that your content is both inviting to your user and maximizes your chances with the search engines.

This is often the difference between “GOOD” website content and “GREAT” website content. We have seen industries that are all fighting over certain keywords, but we find NICHES that our clients easily rank and pick up the low hanging fruit.

Most of our customers prefer to let us do the heavy lifting and decision making in terms of choosing keywords.

This is probably a good decision. But, we need to research your industry and geo targeted area carefully to select the keywords. We don’t just copy the industry leader and do what they do or take an average of your competitors and try and be in the middle somewhere.

What we do is take quantitative resources such as Adwords and other rank tracking software to take a look at what monthly search volumes that each keyword has.

We then consider competition and market size to help source out new unguarded opportunities that your competitors aren’t ranking for. We are constantly creating value for our customers by determining a path of least resistance to their marketing results. If we can find you ten keywords that are unguarded and easy pickens, they can produce as much or more as a single keyword with a higher monthly search volume.

We also work with you help fine tune which keywords are converting into leads, calls and orders. If you can ask your customers what search word they typed when they found you. Perhaps even ask them to hit the back arrow to tell you?

Is it time for you bring a professional search engine marketing company into your online marketing plan? Call 1-855-343-5666 to speak to an organic positioning expert.

Powerful Engineered Content Marketing that Works

This is one of the most overlooked tasks in building a website / copywriting. We can offer you top-notch keyword research to ensure that the content on your website gears your company for the best chance at success with the search engines.

These are the tricks that a professional keyword research team can do for your business. Not all calls, leads or orders are created equal and we want to work with you to find the ones that deliver the most to your business.

For example, Groupon is an online coupon club where people can purchase discount goods and services if enough of them band together to make it worthwhile for the business. These are great ways to be introduced to new customers and to fill in slow seasons. But, it would be a terrible idea to create a Groupon that worked during your peak seasons. Its thinking like this when designing your keywords and website that can really contribute to your bottom line. We pride ourselves on sound keyword selection that if we were in your shoes, we would use the same strategy. We isolate geo targeted areas to help increase your conversion rates. For example, if there are a few small communities near you that don’t have a company in your industry, we might work to show up on those searches because they have less competition and are often easier to satisfy as well.

How Do I Get Free Keyword Research by 123 SEO?

All of our search engine optimisation packages come with keyword research built into the pricing. We typically send you an email with our recommendations and look for your approval to proceed. These keywords are then tracked and reports are sent to your monthly to show the progress that we are making. If at any time a new keyword is discovered or we want to replace an under performing keyword, its no problem we can change keywords with 30 days notice.

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