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Search engine optimisation or “seo” for short is simply put as the activities that help your website be found easily online by your potential customers when they are searching.

If your business requires customers to come to you then you might want your website to attract potential clients from Nanaimo and north to Union Bay and south to Mill Bay. This includes Lantzville, Nanoose Bay, Parksville, Errington, Qualicum Beach, Hilliers, Qualicum Bay, Bowser, Fanny Bay, Hornby Island, Denham Island and Union Bay as well as Colvilletown, South Wellington, Cassidy, Ladysmith, Saltair, Chemainus, Westholme, Crofton, Vesuvius, Thetis Island, Renlkut Island, Valdes Island, Galiano Island, Long Harbour, Sturdies Bay, Maybe Island, Salt Spring Island, Fulford Harbour. Duncan, Sahtlam, Koksilah, Cobble Hill and Mill Bay.

If your business requires you to physically go to the customer then you might refine your geo-targeted web to Lantzville, Nanaimo, Ladysmith, downtown Nanaimo, Cedar, Westwood Lake, VIU, Departure Bay, North Nanaimo, Woodgrove Centre, Aulds Road, Jingle Pot Road, Hammond Bay Road, Bowen Road, East Wellington, Nanaimo Lakes Road and Yellow Point Road.

Choosing what part of the market to target is a key step to any online marketing campaign and one of the factors that differentiate 123 Marketing from the other web design company’s in Nanaimo.

We carefully research search terms and figure out where the best bang for your buck is going to be. If you are selling “pet rocks” and want to be found for “pet rock Nanaimo” because that is what your competitors are trying to be found online for, that is a good starting point. But, we would investigate “nanaimo pet rock” and look for other terms that were less competitive and have higher search volumes ( ie how often your customers use that search ). We often see entire industries fighting over keywords when there are niches with high search traffic left for our web design and seo customers to rank on easily.

Another key factor is working towards figuring out which search terms yield customers versus window shoppers. In our experience we find that certain keywords may have high search volumes but its unlikely that people finding your website after searching these terms will purchase anything. For example, anything with the word “free” in it, rarely converts to a sale. To make a profit off of search terms with “free” in it, you may have to give something away for free and then have an upsell later that converts the user to a purchaser. This is more internet marketing than search engine optimisation but still relevant. Adding on words like “contractor” to a search term like above tends to have a high conversion rate. An example would be “nanaimo pet rock contractor.” Rumour has it that adding “services” to your key word is quite common, but Yellow Pages uses that term to show its customers how good its SEO is. This inflates the monthly search volumes on those terms, so you need to factor that into your key word selection decisions for best seo practices.

Our Seo Packages in Nanaimo, British Columbia are custom priced. We don’t believe in selling services that will not yield happy customers so our pricing reflects the size of the market and how competitive it is. If you are entering a small market, you can get away with a lower search engine optimization services budget. Nanaimo, BC is a small market for most search terms so if you are only looking to attract local clients, you can expect budgets of $300 to $1000 per month to be successful locally. We do offer one time seo audits and fixed price seo projects. For example, you might have $500 budgeted for SEO this quarter and we can modify a custom package to suit you. But, standard practice in the world of search engine optimisation is to find a monthly budget that works for your business and stay consistent. Please email or call if you would like to discuss options with our seo web design team.

If you have a business that is based in Nanaimo but sells to anyone in Canada or the USA then the price per month to be successful is often more. Every market is different, for example, if you are selling “pet rocks” online, the web is not going to be particularly competitive, so you can index and rank easily. this search term would be similar to seo pricing in Nanaimo. But, if you are selling “weight loss pills,” you can expect to pay a lot more to be successful. This marketing category has many competitors on Google and would require significant efforts to bump those other websites out of their top spots and take over. We are certainly up for the challenge and have a track record of success to back it up. All you have to do is fill out this form and we will get back to you quickly.

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