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Worried about the decline in the rate of your website video views, then boost your marketing videos and increase their value. Being poorly optimized can be the cause of the undesirable results of videos. We, 123 Marketing, optimize your video SEO using our advanced video optimization techniques. We see that your videos are easily accessible to the viewers on Google Search and YouTube. Video SEO makes it easier for search engines to read the Video SEO of your website.

We automatically include the required metadata for your video to optimize your website for search engine indexing. The common steps we take to optimize Video SEO encompass

Update the title for your video: The title of your videos should be catchy and engaging; and reflect your target keywords. We update your video title in a way to explain what your video is all about. We want your titles appealing by avoiding keyword stuffing. Instead, you can use funny, exciting and descriptive words.

Update your video descriptions: We use the space of 5,000 characters, provided by YouTube, to your advantage. By keeping the keywords at the beginning and including a link back to your website or blog, we try to bring referral traffic to your website.

Refresh your YouTube video tags: During optimization, we look for any misleading tags related to your video. If there are any, we refresh your video, update your tags and increase its visibility in the search. You should also be aware of common mistakes, such as misspellings and repetition of keywords, while writing video SEO for your video.

Right posting times: You can boost video views by getting an accurate idea that when your audience is actually online. We adhere to these media metrics and help you to identify time and day of the week to share your videos. You are also required to share your videos again if there is decline in the viewers.

Follow your audience: If you are facing decline in the number of video viewers, then you need to follow your audience. You need to look at which videos are drawing more audience and what is sos pecific in them.

Join industrial groups: Interact with industrial groups which are related to your brand. Observe how they move forward, and decide whether to share the promotional video or not. If required, edit your videos and then share.

We can make sure that your videos stand out from the rest of the promotional videos. With the commissioned info-graphics, you can produce videos and attractive and exceptional Video SEO content.

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