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Expert WordPress Seo by Our Marketing Team

At 123 MARKETING, we specialize in WordPress website designs and search engine marketing. SEO Services and search engine optimization is very powerful on the WordPress platform. With a myriad of options for Seo Plugins, Title Tag Managers and other internet marketing tools, its no wonder the WordPress is our programming language of choice.

We carefully design websites with trusted plugins that actually work and are user friendly.

TWe update content on all the pages and track results for customization. This is not child’s play. We are talking about combining the creativity of a poet with the logic of a scientist. Nikolas Carswell is the Mad Scientist and he certainly delivers WordPress Seo. With ten years of practice in the search engine marketing space, he can deliver sound results on the WordPress platform.

This is a huge win for business owners because it increases the accessibility of Do-It-Yourself blog options and content updates.

This stuff can be done by teenagers and support staff or by the business owners themselves. When you learn to integrate content into your internet marketing campaign your WordPress website will skyrocket to the top ranks in Google.

The stock version of a website today is not enough to compete against the formula one website that the industry leader races.

We take your website and fix all the technical errors on it so that its running as smooth as possible. Once your website is part of the smooth operator club, we kick up the tempo and optimize your site for speed. If your site isn’t loading in 3 seconds, you are throwing away conversions to your bounce rate and helping your competitors succeed. Next, we add in an seo plugin that simply delivers results for the lowest cost. We add in some noisy off-page digital marketing and then splash some wax on with reputation management strategies like soliciting reviews and referral marketing. If you are looking to capitalize on existing email lists then we can assign a schedule to correspondence and brand a solution that brings a return. The 123 Marketing difference is key, we just do more for less because we can.

At 123 Marketing, we aim to sell you a solution. We don’t take your money blindly just because you ordered the trendiest package off our website. We will advise you on our thoughts about where to get the biggest bang for your website buck. We also are truly good at creating seo websites in a WP environment.

The best marketing campaigns have several people involved. WordPress allows for regular users who are not technical to make blog posts and edit content easily. For e-commerce sites, this means that the same person who answers emails and the telephone can also edit product specifications and add new product-lines easily. WordPress is a platform that just makes sense for you. Which is what matters to us, because know that you don’t like feeling powerless around technology and dependent on expensive web design companies for every little change in your day-to-day business.

Black Hat SEO: Trick or Treat?

Think QUALITY over QUANTITY. There are tons of legendary tricks in the seo history but, ultimately, they are all getting fixed one by one. It is better now to focus on quality content with quality coding and quality branding than a barrage of less than average web marketing techniques blasting out to people who don’t even speak the language its written in. In the past companies have relied on Black Hat style techniques that tricked less complicated algorithms into believing that a website was more popular, relevant and desirable than it was. Average Joes playing by the rules were left in the dark by these techniques.

But, there is a huge shift to White Hat Seo recently, and its likely that a business who chooses not to operate within the guidelines set by Google and other search engines will eventually be penalized.

We prefer White Hat Seo with a less is more approach. For example, we spend a lot of time on Title Tags and On Page Optimization. This isn’t just slopped together to make a buck. This is where an engineer meets an artist and magic is created.

On DenhamLawOffice.com the title tag is Lisa Denham| Kamloops Lawyers | Real Estate Notary Public.

If you look into the back end of why each piece of the title is there and compare it to the results that we have gotten Click Here you will notice that we probably know what we are doing.

Everything is calculated, ranked and then tracked. There is a reason that people wanted an easy way out for SEO.

Its a profession like accounting and law but without the academic institutions to teach you. Seo in general is a taught by trial and error scientists who research, track and modify until desired results are achieved. Seo Professionals have to keep up on the latest comings and goings of trade secrets and modifications to search engine algorithms far more than other disciplines to remain relevant. Most professions require a few “points” per year worth of courses to remain relevant. Organic Search Engine Optimisation experts do this as a passion like an athlete or artist who pretty much eats, sleeps and breathes internet marketing. Our customers prefer to leave the heavy lifting to the professionals.

Is it time to get your business powered by 123 Marketing?

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