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Website Design That Provides Maximum Return On Investment

Designing a website is not a cakewalk. We understand this and try to provide you with a solution that makes your website captivating. We consider who exactly is going to be using your website and what would you like them to do once you have their attention?

Typically, you need to look at your industry and decide how sophisticated the good or service that you provide is. If every job is custom, then often a phone call is better suited to handle the transaction. Or if the purchase is particularly technical or legal, is it better to have a request a call back feature instead, so that someone from your end who can handle those questions is actually facilitating the sale. Is your clientele computer savvy and would like to book online? Or are they a telephone purchaser who wants to be handled by an inside sales representative that assures them their decision is sound?

Look, we get it and we are confident that we can understand your business and contribute positively to your bottom line with your website.


Primarily we work in WordPress with either custom themes or Photoshop designs converted to WordPress. Themes work well for standard industries and for lower budget websites but custom web design is where we shine. Our design team scours the internet for features of existing websites that are working well for other companies. We then tweak the designs, so that your website is unique. We have some custom designs that we use such as a footer that we modify for most websites that we create. We are a firm believer in if “if it works, don’t fix it” and frankly our footers are engineered with precision. Why re-create the wheel for each customer when we can maintain 20% overlap between our customers are offer a superior product both from a search engine marketing perspective and user experience?

What Is A Wordpress Theme And What Is A Pro Theme?

A set of files that function together and help produce an interface to design a blog on, is called the WordPress Theme.

Basically the set of files is referred to as template files and the user is provided by the front end designing concepts and ideas. It is an extremely user-friendly platform which is used to publish a weblog and the functionality involved is a very simple process. Themes are made available free of cost and with an array of plugins provided, the WordPress Themes are a great source for bloggers to make their blogging experience enjoyable. Sometimes a small fee is charged for more advanced features provided to the user, depending on the user’s need. The WordPress Themes need to be installed in the website or the blog site of which you are the owner and the hosting company responsible for hosting the website or the blog will install the WordPress Themes The themes will depend on the topic and the subject area of the website or the blog on which the WordPress Themes is installed.

Pro Theme on the other hand, are professional designers of WordPress Themes.

They usually provide the user with all the plugins and themes that are compatible to the user’s website or blog. They help design the website using the WordPress Themes and make the website extremely user –friendly and impactful. They provide options of myriad designs and colors, templates with featured images that suit the topic of the website and also makes it mobile friendly. Customized templates make the website even more comprehensive, security from potential hackers, newer version of the templates as and when updated, and finally a complete technical support provide post installation period. The templates for the layout of the web that are professionally designed are offered by Pro Theme.

Getting Your Website Customer To CALL You NOW

Something else that needs to be considered is if your goal is simply to generate as many calls as possible because you can handle the call volume and it takes a conversation to demonstrate and sell the product or service to a client. We can direct customers to call you to find out specific answers to common questions.

For example, we can use :

“Please call our office to discuss this with our customer service team.”

If the client is looking for this product or service, they now need to call you to get any more information. Once you have them on the phone, your staff has an opportunity to earn their business and have them make a favorable decision and purchase something.

We also can increase the font and visibility of the phone number so that it is essentially front-and-center when they are navigating the webpages.

All of our phone numbers are click to call on mobile devices and desktops that have the proper programs installed to make calls installed.

We commonly put in links into the text so that a customer can CLICK HERE to call you right now from their mobile or desktop application.

We work with you to find a balance between function and aesthetics to bring you a return on your investment and deliver something that you can be proud to have as an extension of your branding.

Marketing For Websites And Why Is Design So Important?

A website design is not about showing the world how good of web developers you are, it is supposed to be an extension of your brand that pays for itself over and over with many benefits such as: leads, sales or telephone calls and even increased qualifying of potential customers that saves you valuable resources like support staff payroll.

With an seo optimized themed content package, we can set up an interlinking structure that will out rank your competition on Google and enhance your visibility to search engines.

This is serious business; we tie your website into knots ten pages deep with an overall strategy to maximize the return on investment for our customers. Some people try and copy our techniques but lets be honest, we are very good at what we do and we feel that we can deliver value well beyond the sticker price on our website design packages.

Small Business Web Design that Makes Cents

We like to consider specifics of the company into the web design. For example, is there a product or service that you can scale easily or that is more profitable than the others? We can essentially push your more profitable search terms with careful website design that makes it easy for your target market to select your service. We ask small businesses to pick one product or service that we will promote a little hard than the rest. Often this is the icing on the cake for seo return on investment.

We also ask practical questions like can you handle more call volume if it was to come through? Or is your phone time not as productive as it used to be and are you converting less calls to leads than before?

If your business can only handle a 100 calls a day and you are getting 120, we may as well qualify the website users with pricing, reviews, feedback and other content that saves your staff from saying the same thing over and over. Sorry, we don’t offer delivery in the middle of the night because our bylaws won’t allow it. By putting operating hours on the website you are weeding out the ones that were never going to do anything other than waste your time to begin with. You are also creating relevancy which will be the gift that keeps on giving as Google learns to measure quality of content and apply it to its Rank Brain algorithm.

The next time that you want to upgrade your website why not call 1-855-343-5666 and get your online marketing done by a professional web design company.

A Quote We Gave an Optometrist: Web Design Options

In our quest for “bang for your buck” marketing services, we think a viable option to consider is doing very little to change your existing website and just converting it to a fresh WordPress design with easier access to call and email you. We can do this with SEO architecture for $1500 plus GST.

If you want a complete re-design, we can do this for you with SEO architecture for $3000 plus GST.

Cheap websites do not produce results. We need to enhance the way Google Crawls your website to maximize your results and a 30-page website is poised to deliver.

All Pricing is custom, please contact us to get a quote.

Web Design Nanaimo

123 Marketing now offers responsive web design to the residents of Nanaimo, British Columbia. With a focus on user experience and converting users to customers, 123 Marketing delivers a significant return on your investment. There are many options for web design companies out there and you need to make a good choice when building your company website.

Why Choose 123 Marketing ?!?

The team at 123 Marketing has years of practical business experience behind them. This is how we develop websites that make it easy for the user to either call, email or buy online. Some designers focus on a site that is awe inspiring and try and win 1st place in a web design contest. We would rather convert your visitors into paying customers and contribute to your bottom line.

We also feel its important to note that the architecture of a website is very important. Google doesn’t evaluate how awe inspiring a site is. Instead they look for user experience factors such as mobile compatibility, loading page speed and how easy it is for Google to crawl your site. Google also considers the organization of your website and whether you provide easy access to a sitemap and robots.txt. Often these details are not part of a designer’s skill set and are not part of the initial design. Some web design firms believe this is an Seo task. At 123 Marketing, this is something that we consider the basis of a good website.

Sadly, many of our customers end up using a web designer through a friend of a friend because we all have those. They then want their website to show up on Google when their potential customers are searching for them and end up paying for a new website with us instead.

Imagine you have beautiful show room car on the outside and a lemon under the hood. Many web designers create websites like this. We certainly aren’t saying that we are the only web design company in Nanaimo that can deliver an seo optimized website, but we do offer a well rounded maintenance and web design service at a fair price to Nanaimo businesses.

We like to work in WordPress because it has readily available plug-ins for nearly everything that you could want, and its supported by developers with regular updates, patches etc. to keep word press websites running smoothly. We also feel that the content management system or CMS is user friendly and can be used by staff or business owners with little technical knowledge of html, css, java script etc. This translates to our customers being able to change text, pricing etc. on their websites in real time whenever they like with out having to rely on a marketing company like 123 Marketing.

From an SEM or search engine marketing perspective, WordPress interacts with Google, Bing and Yahoo as good or better than the other platforms. Its also the language of over 50% of all websites, so rest assured, nothing major is going to change anytime soon. Your website is an investment, so choosing a language that will with minimal maintenance for the useful like of the website is key in keeping your overall website marketing costs down.

We encourage you to consider 123 Marketing in Nanaimo for your web design projects. We use local creativity, ideas and services to deliver a product that both supports our local economy and delivers a high quality product for your business to reap the rewards from for years to come. Call 1-855-343-5666 to discover what the best Nanaimo web design company can offer your business.

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