Stock Images
provided by 123 Marketing

Stock images are generic images that are licensed to web-design companies and individuals through paid subscriptions. These images work well for parts of the website that do not require branding. For example, if you ever notice a person wearing a head-set beside the words “Call Us Now” this is a stock photo in action.

At 123 Marketing we have access to stock images and provide them for your website as needed. Some industries have more selection than others, so we cannot guarantee to have the images that you want. We recommend getting custom photos taken by a professional for your website whenever the budget allows.

Company Images
provided by the client

Company Images are photos taken by a professional or someone in your company. Often these images show your employees at work, your machines working or your workplace in general. Our dentist clients provide pictures of their facilities and staff. Our plumbing clients provide pictures of their trucks out the field, job sites they are working on and the charity events that they sponsor. Whatever images might help your customer connect to your brand are helpful for your website.

At 123 Marketing, we strongly recommend hiring a professional to take your pictures. Not only to do these images remain relevant for a long time, but they tend to install trust in your visitors and often showcase your products and services better than anything else. We find on average, that companies that hire a professional photographer have much more success in the long-run from the web marketing campaigns.

Product images
provided by the client

Product images can be taken by a professional photographer or by someone in your company. If you are selling a product, you will need pictures of the product for us to use to convey to your customers what they are buying. If you take the time to provide images of each product professionally, your returns and exchanges decrease, your customer complaints decrease and an added bonus that typically the average ticket price increases. This is time and money well spent taking individual product photos for your website.

Sales Copy
Optional Service

Sales copy is words that are written on a website that compel your users to do something. Whether that is a purchase or a phone call or an email, the concept is the same. Sales copy attempts to persuade the website user towards a favorable action. This tactic is appropriate for certain types of businesses and not for others. For example, professionals typically would not use sales copy on their websites. But, if you are selling a digital product or have an ecommerce website, this is exactly what you need. Ask us if sales copy if right for your business.

We provide sales copy at the rate of $150 per page and typically, it can generate significant improvements on conversion rates and average ticket prices.
For some websites, persuasive content writing is a better fit than sales copy and for this we charge $100 per page.

History of business
provided by client or optional service

The History of the business is like an “About Us” section on the website. It provides your readers with information about the owners, when the company was founded and perhaps any families or people who were instrumental in making the business what it is today.

This is the responsibility of the client to provide this although, we can provide content writing and come up with something over a phone call with you for a $100 a page or so. Please get in touch to find out exactly what it might cost to have this section created by our professional writers.

services or products
provided by client or optional service

If your business provides services or products then we need to know about them and to convey that information to your potential online clients. It is the responsibility of the client to provide this to us because simply, you know your business better than anyone else.

Often, our team can take notes over a phone call and then create professional content for your website at a cost of $100 per page. Please get in touch with us to find out how our content writers can bring you a return on investment.

description of services
provided by client or optional service

This is diving into each specific service that you offer more thoroughly. The client is responsible for providing this information although, we can often have our professional team of writers compile something for you over a phone call and internet research. Call us today to find out how we can improve your conversion rates through detailed descriptions of services.

description of products
provided by client or optional service

This is getting into the finer details of your products and is the client responsibility to provide. However, we can often do some research and talk to your team, suppliers or competitors and come up with a professional write up for your products. Call us today to find out how our content writers can improve your bottom line.